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Traveling to Greece: What you should know

Warm air blowing through, the salty smell of crystal clear waters along with sunny, sandy shores can only mean one thing. Visiting Greece has reached its ripe hour. So you packed your bags and you’re ready to enjoy beautiful landscapes, admire historical artifacts, and enjoy delicious Greek cuisine on the fabulous vacation package that you found here. Before you do that, check out our ten travel tips you need to know before visiting Greece! Things to know before traveling to Greece that will allow you to be fully prepared for your trip to this European country.

things to know before traveling to greece

  1. Tipping in Greece

In comparison to many European countries, tipping in Greece is optional. When you enjoyed the food, you’re more than welcome to leave a tip for the waiter. Likewise, there is no general rule as to how much to go, so it is entirely up to you. 

  1. Pack Your Sunscreen 

The sun is high in Greece even before summer begins, so make sure you’re packing some sunscreen. Also, if you’re not going to hit the beach or live outside, you can quickly get sunburnt. Most tourism destinations will even cost more for sunscreen than the local supermarket back home. So if you have a limited budget when visiting Greece, make sure to pack sunscreen in your luggage.

  1. Halara is the Way to Go

One of the issues you’re supposed to leave at home is pressure and urgency. The Greeks like to take it easy (siga, follow) and enjoy their free time. So don’t be surprised when you see shops, supermarkets and pharmacies closed on Sundays. Most tourist sites, such as the Greek islands, will have convenience stores open on Sundays, but working hours vary from location to location. Banks and government agencies operate only until 2:00 p.m. during the weekdays. So leave your pressure at home and spend your holiday in the Greek way — easy to go and halara!

  1. Eat Local

People around the world enjoy eating Greek food, especially famous Greek dishes such as gyro. We advise you to experiment with local dishes while visiting Greece to avoid sticking to familiar dishes. Each part of the country has its specialties, and the recipes vary from place to place. We encourage you to try as many authentic local dishes as possible during your visit to Greece. If you’re not sure what to order, ask your waiters to pick any typical local specialties.

Pro tip: If you’re visiting Thessaloniki, check out our food and culture tours to try some of the city’s popular specialties!

  1. How to get there? Book Early

When you plan to visit Greece during the summer season, early booking through is a must. When you follow this guide before visiting Greece, you will be able to find even lower fares for air tickets and lodging. Because Greece is one of the most popular summer destinations, most flights and hotels can be fully booked. So think ahead, book it in time, and start looking forward to it!

  1. Car Rental Requirements

It’s a good idea to rent a car when you’re exploring Greece, so you can see as much as you can. Most car rental companies require a valid foreign driving license. The minimum age limit varies from place to place. For example, Greek islands have a minimum age requirement of 21, whereas large cities need a minimum age of 23. Don’t let this stop you, though, as most tourist destinations have excellent public transport.

  1. Make Sure You Bring Cash

Although most stores and restaurants accept credit cards, it is preferable to pay in cash. Some places will not even accept credit cards, such as local taverns or chain stores.

  1. Take a Ferry Boat

The most common way to travel from the mainland to the Greek islands is by taking a ferry. The drives are usually a couple of hours long, depending on the destination. A genuine travel recommendation from us is to take a cabin for overnight rides; they’re very cozy and they’re going to keep you well-rested.

  1. Make a Checklist

We also advise that you build a checklist of all the items you want to see and experience so that you can mark them off the list before it’s time to leave again.

  1. Visit Greece during Off-Season

Don’t be stopped from visiting Greece during the off-seasons, as it has its magic and elegance in those months. There are so many great places to visit, from the majestic mountains to the famous thermal baths. It strongly recommended visiting the hidden gems of northern Greece, such as Meteora, Olympus and Loutra Pozar.

 We hope you enjoyed the above ten tips and find them useful. Now, you’re all set to come and explore this lovely country. Be sure to check out our hand-picked events and places to explore when visiting Greece. We’ve been waiting for you!

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