Snipe Hunt – Are You Ready for the Ultimate Traveling Game

What do little boys love, aside from climbing trees and bugging their parents? Playing games with cool prehistoric like creatures.

Our Northeast US road trip was coming up and the time has come for my son and I to search online for fun travel games to take with us. We both had specific, yet VERY different, ideas of what we wanted.

My Son’s Qualifications for a Traveling Game:

1. Robotic like dinosaur (not sure how he came up with that one)

2. Totally cool and different (whatever that means)

3. Noise maker (why do kids need to find more ways to pester us when we’re supposed to have peace?)

Mama’s qualifications

1. Small and easy to put in a carryon or day pack

2. Unique – I know that’s vague, but we all know when we find something that is unique but can’t put our words on the reason why it is.

3. Game for all ages – I needed something that my three year old can join in and also, since we’re going to visit the grandparents, to include them in the ‘fun’.

4. Entertaining but as noise-less as possible

Taken all these into account, it wasn’t easy to agree. However, when we stumbled on yet another amazing travel game by Education Outdoors (we got a board game for the family from them that I recommend every family own!) we decided to bypass all the other options that we opened.

Snipe Hunt – the name caught my attention from the start – and when I read that it can be played with as many people as you want, and for all ages it really peaked my interest.

How to Play the Snipe Hunt Game

1. The game comes with two adorable, small snipes of different colors.

traveling game
Anytime, Anywhere Travel Game

2. Each person (team) gets one and must hide it. It’s best if both parties are hiding at the same time, in separate areas.

hide and seek games
Let’s Play

3. Once you found the hiding spot you turn the snipe on.

4. When both parties are done, then it’s time to search for it.

5. After a certain period of time the snipes start to make a sound. It’s a bit of an echoey like noise so it doesn’t give away it’s exact location.

6. The closer you get to it, you can also see that the eyes light up.

7. Whoever finds the snipe first wins.

Basic game, but can keep the kids (and appointed adults) busy for hours.

snipe hunt game
I won!

My Take On It

This was a life saver so many times.

1. You can take the little guys anywhere with you.

2. You can play anywhere. Even if you only have one room. One party first hides and then the other one comes in and does their hiding as well.

3. It doesn’t make too much noise at all, only when playing. And even then it’s very tolerable and soothing (oddly enough).

4. All ages were completely and totally amused!

game for all ages

Where to Buy it

Education Outdoors website is my choice, not only for the efficiency, good descriptions, but you can also see all their other amazing games.

Amazon, though, like always, come through as well!

Traveling Game Review – Snipet Hunt

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

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