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Traveling to Europe This Summer Be Prepared to Be Hot

Summer is high season for traveling to Europe. Beautiful weather, dramatic landscapes and delicious food make Europe a romantic destination for travelers. But there’s one thing that may catch Americans off guard when taking a summer trip to France of Germany: lack of air conditioning.Four travel tips that will allow you to stay more comfortable and healthy in traveling to Europe this summer.Take a look at this list of tips

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American tourists are often shocked to find that hotels, restaurants and buses don’t typically have air conditioning.

In fact, Europeans find the U.S.’s “addiction” to A/C to be quite silly. And it really is an addiction. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the demand for air conditioning has only increased over the last few decades in America. The U.S. consumes more energy for air conditioning than any other country in the world.

But we’re not here to get into the logistics of whether air conditioning is good or bad. We’re here to prepare you for what’s ahead if you’re an American traveling to Europe in the hot summer.

How to Beat the Heat During Your Summer Europe Trip

Know Before You Go

Check the weather before your trip, so you can prepare mentally and with your suitcase. Pack appropriate clothing for the weather, and make sure you bring a travel bag that gives you enough room to store water for your daily outings.

If you have breathing problems or medical issues that make it difficult to deal with hot temperatures, you may want to find a hotel that actually has air conditioning in the room.

There’s no need to suffer at night or in those hot late afternoons if you can find a hotel that will keep you comfortable.

Start Your Day Early

One of the best ways to beat the heat is to start your day early. Get up and start your sightseeing early in morning.

It typically gets hotter as the day goes on, with temperatures peaking in the late afternoon. Check the opening times of the places you want to visit, and start with the ones that open the earliest. Some churches in Europe open to the public as early as 7am.

If you get your sightseeing done in the earliest and coolest part of the day, you can enjoy a nap later on in the afternoon, when the weather is the warmest.

Go for a Dip

If you’re caught out in the heat, go for a dip. Find somewhere to swim – whether it’s a hotel pool, the beach or a lake.

Not only will you cool off, but you’ll also be treated to beautiful scenery. Take this time to relax and try to enjoy the heat (as best you can). Bring a book. Bring lots of water. Soak up the sun (safely), and enjoy the water.

Stay Hydrated

Pack cold water to bring with you on your excursions. If you’re stopping somewhere to eat, opt for a glass of chilled white wine instead of a heavy red wine. If you need a pick-me-up, go for the iced coffee instead of your usual hot cup of joe.

While these are great little treats to enjoy on your trip, make sure that water is still your go-to beverage of choice. Staying hydrated will help you beat the heat and keep you from getting dehydrated (which can be dangerous) when you’re out and about.

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