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Traveling At Home – Your Pandemic Staycation

Travel plans around the world have been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and whilst initially it had seemed that the notion of a summer vacation was very much off the cards, it seems the attitude for this has changed rather quickly however as many countries are now opening their border for international travel once again, but there are still restrictions for many as some borders will remain closed for some countries – this change means that many may be looking to stay at home for a summer staycation to have a little leisure time despite the pandemic.How amazing it can be to stay home and enjoy from a pandemic staycation with your family.Learn about Stay Safe and help everyone stay safe.

pandemic staycation
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There has been a growing trend in staycations in recent years as a whole as many young travelers and holidaymakers are starting to value trips at home just as highly as trips abroad, especially as summers within typically cooler climates are getting warmer there’s less reason to spend more on splurging out for an international trip, and now as borders remain closed to many the options available may be few and far between – part of the staycation trend may also factor into the growing digital nomad trend where holidaymakers are working more whilst on holiday too which may tie in more as remote working becomes more common and workers are able to take some time away from home whilst being able to work at the same time.

There’s also a shift to how many are spending their time whilst on holiday as entertainment options have changed in recent years, more of us are spending increasing amounts of time on our smartphones – social media and mobile gaming have become a favourite pastime for many and the comfort of being close to home and sharing your staycation experience has also helped. There have been some recent changes to some of these sectors too particularly in mobile gaming as audiences of all ages have become more involved notably in online gambling, despite changes to initiatives such as Gamstop operators have managed to alternative ways to deliver their service as a growing number of sites likes these have become available to players for use both home and away. A combination of many of these factors can all be attributed to  the surge in popularity that has been seen.

With some countries such as the US still finding a growth in virus numbers and others still having their own battle with the pandemic it may be quite some time before a return to normal travel is possible, many airlines are still operating at a reduced capacity and some countries still have mandatory quarantine periods too which will only help the staycation trend – it’s a perfect time to try a bit of a different approach to your holiday and explore somewhere a little closer to home whether you do so in the summer or in the winter, and without the need to get in a confined space like a plane you’re also doing your part to help reduce the spread of the pandemic too.

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