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Traveling in Asia – 5 Tips for Saving Money

Traveling is an awesome thing but sometimes some of us don’t do it as much because we think it will be too expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you do a few things to save on expenses without sacrificing the fun, you might be able to travel more during the year.Five things that you can do when traveling around Asia to save some money.Take a look at this short list of traveling in Asia.

Traveling in Asia

One of those regions that are always on everyone’s bucket lists and for good reason is Asia. It is an amazing place with many unique cultures and stunning monuments. Some of those countries can be a bit expensive but there are always ways to save a few dollars.

5 tips to Save Money Traveling in Asia

Avoid Transportation as much as you can
For most of us, going to the car rental office is the first thing we do when we get to a new country. But if you book a hotel that is in a centrical place and in a safe area, you can walk almost everywhere. Forget about renting a car or taking a taxi to go to a restaurant or a landmark. Instead, go for a hike and enjoy looking at everything that the local neighborhoods have to offer.

Traveling in Asia

Research, a lot!
When it is time for booking tours, transportation, and hotels you should look everywhere. Chances are that tons of different tour agencies and shops are offering the same thing, so look until you find the one that gives us the most or best services for less money. There are also places where you can find Ctrip HK Discount Codes. So Take your time.

No big restaurants
You’re in Asia, a place famous for the diversity, weirdness, and tastiness of the local food. So eat like the locals! Most of them eat at small, traditional eateries or in street stands. Also, avoid western food it is relatively more expensive than the local one.

Don’t leave it all for the last minute
A lot of people say the opposite but in my experience waiting until the last minute to book stuff has made me spend more money. Instead, I like to go in and book everything a few months in advance. I know that this might not be as adventurous as you might want to be but do you really want to be stuck at one of the most expensive hotels in town because the rest is full? This also allows you enough time to search for Klook Promo Codes.

Get overnight trains or buses whenever they are available
These are quite common in Asia. By using these you get transportation and accommodation in one. It is usually cheaper than paying for them separately.

Follow these 5 tips and make sure you read a lot about the Travel Reviews & Deals for the region you are visiting and you are guaranteed to save a lot of money.

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  1. I use Klook, too! They’re awesome! And your pictures are incredible! What’s the location of the building you have featured at the top of this story? It’s so pretty! <3

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