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Traveling Abroad as Relaxation Therapy

If you’re struggling with an alcohol or drug problem, the most important part of your journey is picking the right program. There are literally thousands of rehab and treatment centers across the world, all promising you the solution for addiction. Some of these alcohol and drug rehabs are located in exotic locations. This alone is tempting due to the alluring appeal of vacation and help for substance use all rolled into one package.

When deciding whether or not to travel aboard for a rehab program, you should strongly consider and research the philosophy and methodologies behind the program you’re about to attend. Is the program 12 step? Is the success rate verified? Even if it is located on a beach in Thailand, the results are most likely going to be the same as if you were attending a meeting in the basement of a church in downtown Detroit.

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Today, close to 90% of programs incorporate the 12 steps at some point. If the program you’re attending considers themselves non 12 step, but then refers you to a 12 step program for aftercare and follow up, you may want to think twice about attending it, not matter how luxurious or in what part of an exotic country. A majority of rehab programs also enforce relapse as a normal part of recovery. You may even hear this in the numerous therapy sessions you encounter throughout the day. This ideology, gives a substance user an excuse to go home, run into some stress and use again. After all it’s expected of them according to the program.

Even after thoroughly understanding the methods used in a program abroad, you may still be convinced that escaping everyday life would be the best thing for you. Getting out of your everyday routine and environment is certainly beneficial in overcoming substance use, but there is a point where you can possibly be too removed from everyday life. Rehabbing in the middle of France will be beautiful, but it is helping you when you return to the rush and stress of everyday life? Once you return home the same stress, anxiety, fear or negativity in your life will still be present, and have most likely been excuses for drinking or drugging in the past.

You can also get an enriching experience in drug rehab centers. Lanna Rehab which is located in Chiang Mai Thailand uses the 12-step recovery program. They also provide topnotch holistic and individualized treatment. The impressive facilities and the glorious scenery around the center are also inspiring. All this makes recovery even more successful! If you or a loved one is on the path to recovery from alcohol abuse consider attending AA meetings in San Jose, California.

It is very important that you work on how to effectively deal with these life issues and create new goals moving forward. If your schedule at a rehab is filled with holistic healing methods, as many luxury rehabs are, you aren’t really focusing on those issues, although it probably feels great to get massages and do yoga every day.

Traveling abroad for alcohol or drug use help certainly isn’t for everyone. If the program you’re attending provides you with a self-change process it may be worth traveling for. However, if the program reiterates that you will relapse, you are diseased and recovery lasts a lifetime, it may not be merit the trip or added expenses.

Getting real help for your substance use should be your first priority, while location is an added bonus, it should not be the reason you pick one program over another. Educate yourself with the right tools and you can leave substance use behind you forever.

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