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Traveling Abroad to a Gay Festival? Here are 4 Tips to Stay Connected

Every year, you listen to friends talk about their amazing festival experiences and you smile and nod like you’re not insanely jealous, but every year, you think “next year, that will be me.” And this year … it is. Finally. No longer will you have to wonder what really happens at the water park at Circuit or drool over other people’s pictures of Bangkok during Song Kran. Your passport is up-to-date, your bag is packed and you are halfway out the door. Just one last thing to take care of before your life is one continuous dance party — figuring out how to stay connected while in another country. The last thing you want while you’re taking a break in between DJs at WE Party in Madrid or getting ready to watch Transformer at Milkshake in Amsterdam is to worry about how to get in touch with people back home or keep in touch with the people you’re meeting on your trip. Check out these four tips for staying connected while having the time of your life abroad.Four tips to stay connected when you travel abroad to a gay festival.In this article you will find gay festival details.

Traveling Abroad to a Gay Festival


1. Switch to T-Mobile
Sorry to be so bossy, but the facts are clear — T-Mobile offers the best options for international travelers. First, T-Mobile has Wi-Fi calling, which means that when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, if you have an unlimited plan, all incoming and outgoing calls or messages to U.S. numbers are free. FREE. Combined with T-Mobile’s Personal CellSpot, which you can easily slip into your carry-on, you can make fast Wi-Fi calls wherever you plug it in. Second, as a T-Mobile customer, you can connect for free while you are flying with an hour of free Wi-Fi, in-flight texting, picture messaging and access to T-Mobile Visual Voicemail.

2. Sign Up for an International Plan
If you know Wi-Fi coverage is going to be an issue where you’re going, or you absolutely need to be reachable at all times, you may want to consider signing up for an international/global plan. Check with your carrier for rates, but most offer either an unlimited data/use price per day or a price per text/call minute. If you know you’re going to be using your phone a lot, go with the former and you won’t have to think about how much every Instagram post is costing.

3. Download All the Apps
Not only are you going to want to stay connected with people back home through text and calls, but you’re going to need to connect with your new friends, who are obviously going to be very exotic and beautiful and probably speak a foreign language you don’t understand. Help yourself out by downloading a translator app that covers a variety of languages like iTranslate or Google Translate.

4. Share Media Phone to Phone
When you want to share a file, map or that amazing photo you just took of you and your new best friend and Wi-Fi is not an option, use a file sharing app like Fasetto. Fasetto uses a QR code to transfer files from phone to phone without Wi-Fi.

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