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Traveler’s Trips: How to Travel Smarter

Whether you’re traveling by car or by plane, domestic or international, planning ahead and can get your travel plans off to a great start. There are a variety of ways to be a smart traveler, but many of them boil down to planning in advance so you can meet any challenges you might face with ease.Travel Smarter – In this article you will find six pieces of travel advice that will allow you to have a better experience.

6 Ways to Travel Smarter

Travel Smarter

Do Research on the Place or Country your Visiting
Even if you’re traveling domestically, a little research can go a long way in helping you determine what to pack. You’ll get to know the local climate and customs, and you’ll get some insights into the best places to see and things to do while you’re there. Read blogs from past visitors to get the scoop on the local scene, and check out reviews from area restaurants so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute to find a good place to eat.

Make a Checklist
For procrastinators, a packing checklist is a great way to make sure you prepare everything you need in time for your trip. After you’ve done your research, you should be well aware of what to bring, so create a list of clothing, toiletries, electronics, and other necessities to pack. While you might think you can remember it all the night before you leave, last minute packing usually leads to forgetting some essentials. The little things like checking in for your flight online, hiring the pet-sitter, and squaring away visa requirements all seem more manageable when you’re checking them off a list.

Pack Smart and Efficiently
There’s more to smart packing than you might think. Roll soft and flexible clothing items like jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts to create more space in your suitcase. You can also invest in compression bags, which can also increase the amount of storage in your luggage and keep things in place. Use packing organizers and storage compartments to keep items separated and easy to find, so you won’t have to dig through mounds of clothes when you get dressed in the morning.

Take Care of your Body to Avoid Jetlag
Make sure to get plenty of exercise and stay hydrated before you leave. Dehydration and fatigue are common side effects of long trips, but there’s a lot you can do to stave them off. Sleeping aids are always good to have to catch up on sleep during long flights and adjust to the local time zone when you arrive.

Pack a Smart Carry On
Think carefully about what you plan to pack in your carry-on to make your flight as smooth and comfortable as possible. Noise cancelling headphones, a few magazines, snacks and an extra layer are all essentials for a pleasant flight.

Check your airline’s restrictions when it comes to carry-on bags. All airlines have different weight and size restrictions, so planning ahead can save you from having to check an oversized carry-on. If your bags aren’t up to par, check out travel luggage from a site like TravelSmith to find an option that fits your style and budget.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words
We don’t just mean the scenery. If you’re traveling abroad, photocopies of your valuable information like passports, credit cards, and ID can be a lifesaver if you lose anything. If there’s an emergency, you’ll be able to remedy the situation much more easily with backups.

If you’re renting a vehicle, it’s a good idea to take pictures of the rental before you use it. You’ll protect yourself from any damage disputes that could arise. And of course, if you’re parking in one of the massive airport lots, taking a photo of the location could save you hours of searching when you get back.

Don’t Panic if Something Goes Wrong
Chances are, something unexpected will happen during your trip. It’s just part of traveling. A flight will get delayed, something will get left at home, or you’ll accidentally ding the rental car. While these can happen to anyone — and they certainly do — don’t get worked up about it. If you’ve prepared well, you should be able to bounce back without a problem. Prepared traveling is smart traveling, and if you follow these tips, you can handle any bump in the road.

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