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Travel Gear – Travelers Coffee Kit Review

Travel Gear - Travelers Coffee Kit Review

Living in Antigua Guatemala and being a lover of hiking, it is a normal thing to spend Sundays hiking the Acatenango trails with friends. One thing we love to do is start the hike extremely early in the morning, at around 6 AM.

This allows us to walk at a relaxed pace, chatting and enjoying the place. We usually like to stop at about two-thirds of the way at a place called “orqueta” for breakfast. It is not the summit but it is high enough to get stunning views. Plus it is more protected from wind and my friends and I enjoy not having to worry about strong winds too much.

This is where we set up a kind of picnic. Basically, everyone takes out their instant oatmeal, fruit, and water. It is always a nice time in a gorgeous place. However, being all the way up there can get chilly and makes you miss having a hot cup of coffee, but instant coffee sucks!

Travel Gear - Travelers Coffee Kit Review

Then a few months after we started doing this trip almost every weekend. I got sent a completely unexpected and very welcome product for review.

It is an extremely simple and basic, yet useful device designed to prepare coffee at camp or during a hike. It is perfect for my outdoor adventures because it is less than one pound heavy.

After doing some research on it I learned that the creators at Travel Information Finder, a website dedicated to listing websites and fun travel opportunities, created this small kit to be able to raise funds for children’s charities. 100% of the profits go to UNICEF.

Travel Gear - Travelers Coffee Kit Review

Features of the Travelers Coffee Kit

  • Sets up in less than a minute
  • Compact, 4″ x 5″ x 8.5 (in travel bag)
  • Lightweight, only 0.75 lbs (0.32 kg)
  • Uses a standard (2-4 cup) coffee filter
  • Comes with 2 cups.


After testing it I must say that I really loved it. the only thing that I didn’t really enjoy is the fact that you can’t fit each cup inside of the other one. So there isn’t really a chance to make it more compact. But overall I was really happy about being able to have some hot coffee during a hike without adding a significant amount of weight to my backpack.

If you are interested in purchasing this product you can buy it here.

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