Beach and Travel Wear – Friends of the Reef Review

I’m not a huge ‘brand’ fashionista. I prefer clothes that are not only created and designed by women, but I also search for kindred spirits (if that’s possible while shopping for travel wear).  I’ve been traveling for the better part of my life and over the years have discovered my style – usually casual dresses, fun skirts and cargo like pants. I don’t like to put on formal clothes and look for garments that I can double up for the once-in-a-blue-moon formal affair.

The bottom line, my clothes have to fit my travels but still help me feel sexy and alive.

That’s a lot to look for when shopping, especially finding out that the designer carries these traits as her own personality. But I hit the jackpot when I stumbled upon Friends of the Reef Clothing Line.  Maryse, an expat just like me, has it all in her line!

Lots to Chose from For Beach and Travel Wear

I stuck with what I love best, although the choices for everything from shirts, to shorts, to dresses, to pants are available.

Black Dress Pencil Cut

Talk about feeling sexy! Wow, I haven’t worn something like this in years. Not because I don’t want to, but because I simply haven’t found anything like it.

Dress Pencil Cut

And it’s great with a jacket.

Dress Pencil Cut

I have to admit, the slit was a bit too much for me – after the picture was taken I did a little bit of tailoring to make it more in my comfort zone.

Dress Pencil Cut

Brown A Line Skirt

I literally, and figuratively, live in this skirt since I got it.

A Line Skirt

It’s perfect for going out to lunch to chilling at home with the kiddies.

A Line Skirt

It fits perfectly and you can wear it low on your hips or a bit higher. Which ever works best for you.

A Line Skirt

Cargo Pants – In a Pack

The pants come in a little pack that you can stuff them in and throw them in your bag when you go traveling – anywhere.

travel wear

When I put the pants on I was instantly transported to my Mexican Tulum beach bumming days when I walked barefoot for hours along white sanded beaches and dipping my toes once in a while into the blue waters.

travel wear - cargo pants

This is a feeling you always want to carry with you, but it would be even better if I had this in my plans for the near future 🙂

travel clothing

Microfiber Knee Length Skirt

This skirt is great for everyday wear. You can dress it up with heals or go flip flops.

Knee Length Skirt

Where to Buy the Clothes

I found the website to be easy to use and navigate. Maryse and her customer service team get the clothes out to you immediately.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on traveling soon or just dreaming about it, the clothes will transport you to the places!

Travel Wear – Friends of the Reef Review

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

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