Vlogging Essentials: Top 5 Equipment for Travel Vloggers

Traveling and discovering is one of the biggest benefits of Vlogging, there are many Vloggers out there discovering beautiful places with their backpacks and camera. It all seems like a dream, but with the right vlogging essentials, it can be a lifetime memory and experience to remember.

Five of the pieces of travel vlog equipment will allow you to advance your career and appeal to more viewers.

Though your backpack alone can work well it should carry a few traveling essentials, and when Vlogging is involved some equipment is also very much needed. Many times the vloggers have been asked about the gadgets and camera they use or about the travel equipment they prefer to keep.

In order to solve this mystery here, we have discussed some travel essentials for Vloggers and YouTubers just to give them a hint for their packing list.

travel vlogging gear

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Essential Equipment for Travel Vloggers

1.      Camera

When you are thinking about investing in your Vlogging experience, then we would recommend you to invest in the best camera you can buy. It would not only help you in shooting the most beautiful views with less effort but also be cost-effective in the longer run.

For instance, Canon and Sony have some best camera series for beginners and travelers, while there are many versatile options as well.

2.      Drone

For mountains or beautiful angles, one would definitely require the drone to fit their camera and capture the most delightful view. The drone is always traveled friendly, and all vloggers should carry it while traveling to the mountains or any other landscape location.

3.      Microphones and Sound

The mic is the most underestimated equipment, but surely we need them in traveling. Better sound creates better videos, and truly the microphones can be super mobile and manageable.

4.      Light-weighted tripod

If you want to enjoy the view or take your own picture with that view, then the tripod would be your best friend with the right timer set on the camera.

5.      Extra Essentials

Regardless of these above-mentioned gears, we also need some extra backups to overcome any emergency or chaos.

●       Power Bank

Traveling means going from place to place without staying longer, so one would not have a chance to charge their cameras and cellphones. That’s why power banks and extra batteries are necessary.

●       Extra cables

Extra cables for charging multiple devices at once, then again for connecting the devices together to share data.

●       Small torches

Smalls torch is another essential to improve lightening effects as well as making the way easier to travel in darker areas.

●       SD cards

The memories and files can be of larger GBs and it is possible that you might need extra space to carry those.

●       Extra Lens

In any case, your camera lens misses somewhere or it gets damaged with scratches.

Wrapping Up

There is a wide variety of the best YouTube Camera, some famous names are mentioned above. One can choose the best according to his own needs and budget, despite having a good camera all other essentials are also very important to carry while traveling as this little travel vlogging equipment can make a bigger difference in your Vlogging and shooting with the right angle and lighting.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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