Travel Transportation – 5 Countries to Experience on a Scooter

A scooter is a nice way to get around. If you may ask why there are too many reasons for an answer. Scooters are maneuverable in all sorts of roads and lanes, need comparatively less effort to maintain and are totally trustworthy. That little seat is meant just for you and nobody else. It is your own personal seat on wheels, ready to carry you to destinations of your choice and beyond, in an expanse of exploration. When on holiday, the scooter can be really useful too! You could cut down travel time by half and pack in a number of places each day – all while feeling like a local. You may also have another alternative as a backpacker. There are folding electric scooters that are encouraging thousands of riders to explore the world and feel free. In MyProScooter you may find a list inspired on the experiences of enthusiasts.

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Here are five countries that could be toured best on a scooter. 

Travel Transportation


A land of many colors, Turkey is every traveler’s dream. In the northwestern city of Istanbul, the continents of Asia and Europe collide across the Bosphorus Strait. Large, vast Anatolian plains and the beauty of the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia tell tales of jinns, fairies, and legends. Turkey’s sprawling metropolises have welcomed traders and travelers for centuries and continue to do so today. When you’re on a scooter, you will be able to see all shades of Turkey. Plenty of companies in various cities offer rents and you may choose from them based on what you like. After all, quality is what matters. 


Cuba is a brilliant place to choose if you like the sun. America’s Caribbean neighbor may seem no more than a small island, but it is absolutely thrilling to zoom around Cuba’s streets on a scooter. Here, one can park wherever a beach appeals to them and retire on the sunny sands to work on that lovely tan. Cuba’s roads also sport a number of these motorcycles; thus, it is compatible to use them when on tour. Who needs cars anyway? 


Vietnam will easily fit to be one of those few destinations that offer you a relaxing holiday without ripping your pocket apart. Accommodation and transport on this nation are relatively cheap, but getting a scooter to cover the country is better than all other options you could offer yourself. Just fly in and hire one little motorcycle for yourself and you’re done. Miles after miles of tranquility welcome you. Many foreign tourists are daunted by the uniquely Asian practice of maneuvering around streets and blowing the horn, but in Vietnam’s busy streets, never be afraid to make some noise. 


India is a great destination to go around in a scooter. This seemingly vast country is well connected by roads and railways. Some trains offer the luxury of carrying the scooter along on your journey. Since it is a place to explore and there are endless sights to see in India, you would never be disappointed to have a scooter take you around. The plus point is that the vehicle is common within the country itself and parking won’t be a problem at all. 


Adventure did you say? We hard Morocco. A ferry ride from Spain and across the Gibraltar, this north African nation is a tranquil mix of dry river beds, sand dunes and spotless cities you can sail across while perched on top of a motorbike. Scream off into the country as acres of vast exploration await you. In Morocco, you really don’t need to worry about extreme temperatures – so traveling across is a breeze. 

Traveling is something we all love. It allows you to see new places, interact with new cultures, learn new things and be more aware of the entire world. We often make assumptions based on what the media tells us, and what we hear from our acquaintances, but seeing something for oneself is more than a confirmation of the fact – it is also a process of learning the unknown and mastering the unsaid. Hop on to your scooter and drive skillfully down the streets of these wonderful countries – each unique and vibrant in color and culture. An adventure awaits you across borders. 

Last Updated on May 5, 2022

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