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Travel Trailer Weight Distribution Hitches: Why are Necessary?

If you are into RVing, you must be aware of the importance of a quality hitch for towing your trailer.   A hitch acts as a major structural component that establishes a connection between a trailer and your tow vehicle. These hitches are of various types such as receiver hitches, 5th wheel hitches, gooseneck hitches, and weight distribution hitches. Each one has its unique purpose, coupling style as well as sizes and capacities.  When it comes to towing a trailer, a pop-up camper, or any other thing that has a reasonable amount of weight, you may need to have a weight-distribution hitch installed.

Let’s talk about the weight distribution hitch, how it works and why you should have one for your trailer. 

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

The definition and weight distribution hitch mechanism are very much hidden in its name. That is “ “ it distributes weight or it balances out weight” to avoid any mishappening as a result of heavyweight trailers or similar things. Weight distribution is particularly designed in a manner that helps to disperse the trailer’s tongue weight across the trailer and vehicle. The key purpose of this weight distribution is to have increased control and leveling up.

An obvious benefit of a weight-distribution hitch is a reasonable reduction in any risk of losing control. Using a weight-distribution hitch, both the problems associated with too much or too little weight are solved, which may otherwise lead to swaying and diving off the trailer.

How does a Weight Distribution Hitch Work?

There are plenty of instances in the life of drivers who have towed trailers when they experienced that the trailer has swayed and they might lose control of the vehicle. One measure to overcome this fear when you are carrying a heavy load is to make use of a weight-distribution hitch. A weight distribution hitch works by altering the point of load transfer from the trailer to the vehicle. It distributes the total weight across the axles of the trailer and vehicle rather than accumulating or centering it at the vehicle and trailer connection point.

When is it Good to Use a weight-distribution Hitch?

If you are towing a trailer, it doesn’t mean that you need a weight-distribution hitch in all cases. You need one only in certain situations.  Experts suggest that you should consider the weight of your vehicle and the trailer with all the load on.  You will be needing a weight-distribution hitch as a must if your trailer is more than half the weight of your towing vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).  Thinking about what a GVWR is?  It refers to the maximum weight your particular type of vehicle is made to handle or two. This is achieved by adding the net weight of the vehicle itself along with the accessories, passengers fuel or any cargo. 

Travel Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch: Is it necessary?

There are plenty of benefits associated with weight distribution hitches. Sometimes, for safety reasons and sometimes by law.  Some reasons why it’s necessary to use a weight-distribution hitch for your trailer are as follows; 

  1. It is suggested that no matter what kind of truck you are driving, a medium-sized, heavy-duty, or a half-ton, weight distribution will be required to tow a trailer weighing above a certain limit.  Take the case of a medium-sized or half-ton truck. You need to use a weight-distribution hitch to tow around 5000 or more. In case you have a heavy-duty vehicle, you will need a weight-distribution hitch while towing something around 6000 or more.  To determine the capacity of towing, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual. This will clarify whether you need a weight-distribution hitch or not.
  1. Typically a weight-distribution hitch is used for travel trailers, livestock or construction trailers, Heavy-duty trailers, equipment trailers, or gooseneck trailers. If you are driving any one of those, a weight-distribution hitch may become a necessary item for you.
  1. A weight distribution hitch can help save your vehicle and trailer from any damage during heavy towing. The devices also act like magic by alleviating a great deal of stress on your towing vehicle bumper. Also, Better weight distribution helps the up-and-down movement of the trailer, and sway control features handle the issues related to side-to-side motion.
  1. A weight distribution hitch works amazingly for safety and movement. Equipped with this type of hitch, it becomes a lot easier for the driver to steer the vehicle, take turns, use brakes safely and control the vehicle.
  1. Due to better weight management, a weight-distribution hitch can assist in ensuring a smooth and balanced ride without any fear. However, this must be kept in mind that using a weight-distribution hitch doesn’t relieve you from the responsibility of being careful in loading your trailer properly. Make sure that your weight is intentionally fairly distributed. Do not overburden one size of the trailer by more weight because you are using a weight-distribution hitch. Your precaution along with using a weight-distribution hitch will eliminate the chances of swaying. 
  1. Using a weight-distribution hitch saves the wear and tear of your vehicle and trailer. Otherwise, any damages caused to the trailer and vehicle due to diving swaying or an unfortunate accident can result in huge repair costs or the loss of stuff present in the trailer. 

How to Choose a Weight Distribution Hitch?

While you look for a weight-distribution hitch, there are a few basic factors that you may need to consider such as :

  1. The amount of the weight you will be towing.  While doing this know that these systems are usually rated according to the trailer weight that they can carry and the tongue weight they can distribute. Make sure that these ratings are according to your requirements, maybe a bit above but not too much.
  2. The type of spring bars you prefer, the round styled or the trunnion. Both have their advantages and suitability across varying set up. So make sure you find something that suits your unique needs. 
  3. Do you need additional features such as a better sway control? Sometimes, you may find weight distribution and sway control both features combined. 
  4. Quality of the hitch matters a lot. Whenever you are investing in that, make sure you buy a branded item in the first place. Nowadays, buying top-quality hitches online is possible. All you need is to explore the genuine product suppliers in your area. 

Weight Distribution Hitches 2022

Some examples of high-rated weight distribution hitches that you may consider after matching your unique needs are as follows;

1. Weight Distribution Hitch w/Bar – 800 by Reese 67509

2. Centerline TS Weight Distribution Hitch (1400Lb With 2-5/16″ Bal)By Husky towing

3. MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch (5K – 6K lbs., 31-3/16″ Bars)by Curt Manufacturing 


A weight distribution hitch is one of those accessories that can make your trailer towing experience a lot more safe and smooth. For high-class trailers, you may not be able to safely tow with using these hitches. But before selecting one for you make sure you have sufficient information about your vehicle towing capacity, your trailer specifications, and similar facts. Also while you buy one, make sure you do not compromise on quality and always buy one from an authentic weight distribution manufacturer.

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