Travel Tote Bag – Holds A Lot More Than You Think

Here’s a riddle for you – what do you get when you have two kids and two parents planning a day trip?

Can’t think of anything? Here’s a clue – Too much stuff!

That’s right. No matter how minimal your intentions are, you still end up having way too many things.

A travel tote bag is essential for my family. And after I found the sturdy, durable Mountain Khakis Carry All Tote, I feel as though most of my chaotic and organizational problems for a simple trip are covered. This way I can actually deal with the important stuff like the trip itself.

travel tote bags for women

Wouldn’t life be grand if our problems would be solved so easily – by a simple search online and an even simpler click to buy the solution.  What can I say, I have to be grateful for small blessings such as this.

Features of Travel Tote Bag:

20 ounces of bag to fill with all you need. Trust me – that’s a lot of space!

travel carry on bags

Canvas material – durable and sturdy – ready for any crazy kid action

Great for a shopping bag – stop the plastic epidemic and use this bag for your weekly food shopping

travel tote bag

As heavy as it can be, the shoulder straps make it easy to carry around.

travel tote bags for women

Baby whisper – When all else fails, and your baby simply becomes a whiny little person, stuff them in.

travel tote bag

Yes – the bag is that strong. I had no problem at all when my three year old demanded to be swung around by my parents in mid air.

travel carry on bags

My Take On It

I am in love with this bag. When I first got it, I thought, it’s way too big. It’s not practical. But now I can’t dream of it being smaller.

I wish it had some small pockets to fit keys. But I just clip them on my handles now.

Where to Buy It

When you shop via Mountain Khakis website or Amazon you are privy to tons of different sales that pop up without you even knowing about it. And you get a lot of really cool colors to choose from for all their different products.

However, they also have a ton of dealers for you to choose from.

So go nuts and hope your small problems are solved as quickly as mine!

Travel Tote Bag – Mountain Khakis Review

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

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