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Travel To France – 4 Reasons Why Your Family Should Go On Easter

It’s really surprising how many British people have never been across the water to France, especially when you consider the travel arrangements could cost as little as £100 for the entire family. Still, this is something I hope will change over the next few years, and so I thought now would be a good time to release a post highlighting some of the reasons why this country is so fantastic. Obviously, there are many reasons I won’t have time to cover, but the ones listed below should help to bring you around to my way of thinking. I’ve personally been to travel to France around six times in the last ten years, sometimes for a weekend, sometimes for longer, and I’ve never come back with any regrets.

At the end of the day, so long as you visit the right places, neither will you…

Travel To France
Photo by: Guillaume

4 Reasons To Go To France On Easter

1. The People Are Friendly
For whatever reason, British and American people seem to have a misconception that French residents are rude and unwelcoming. However, this really isn’t the case. In the main cities like Paris, you’ll find lots of locals more than willing to answer any of your questions or offer directions. Even if you travel further afield to a renowned Alps resort like the luxury chalet Val D’Isere, I guarantee everyone you encounter along the way will be happy to see you.

2. The Climate Is Good
While France is only slightly nearer to the equator than the UK, it actually experiences far more favorable weather patterns. To the south, you will encounter scorching heat during the summer, not completely unlike that which you might come across in Spain or Italy, which is obviously desirable. Everywhere else, you can expect the climate to be slightly better than back at home.

3. The Food Is Fantastic
You don’t get that many French restaurants in the UK, and so visiting the country and trying authentic cuisine would definitely make a nice change for you. Don’t worry though, frogs legs aren’t mandatory, and you’re guaranteed to find a dish you like, no matter where you decide to dine. That said; if you choose to stay in Paris, you definitely want to book a table at one of the top restaurants at least once during your stay to sample the best of the best.

4. The European Continent Is Really Close
People in the UK, whether they like it or not, are in a common market with the rest of Europe. This means borders are open and anyone is allowed to travel wherever they wish without facing persecution. For this reason, it makes no sense not to visit our nearest neighboring country at some point in your life. No matter where you stay and what you see, the whole family is certain to have a whale of a time.

Well folks, I hope reading through this post has inspired you to leave Spain and Italy alone this year in favour of a short or long break in France.

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