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Instagram Tips – 6 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Account

Do you want to get better at Instagram your travel photos? Good tips number in the dozens, and there’s a lot more to this than just applying a filter and putting your feet up. Rather than sift through all the ideas and advice out there, keep reading for our six best you should know first and foremost.Instagram can make or break a business nowadays. So make sure you read these six Instagram tips on how to improve your account for business.

Instagram Tips
Photo by: Unsplash

Instagram Tips – 6 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Account

1) Use filters at your own peril

Under filtering is a better choice than doing over filtering, so leave the Lo-Fi alone, yes? Instagram has added a number of minimalist filter styles, such as Slumber and Gingham, so you have ways to make your photos look great without overdoing it.

2) Let destinations have their own voice

A simple image that puts focus on only part of any scene has much more to say than a photo attempting to capture a whole atmosphere. Go simple in terms of photo construction, and never fear experimentation with various angles that might bring new life to what could have started off as a boring shot. Less really is more here, so don’t crowd your photos.

3) Take it easy on hashtags

Your tags need to be relevant to the photo and situation, and there should not be more than ten of them per image. Sentences are nearly impossible to read when hashtags are happening every other word of the whole line. Besides, filling your caption with tags will detract attention from your amazing images. Also be sure you never use blatantly spamtastic tags such as #followback or #swappinglikes; they just announce to everyone that you’re trolling for attention. If you want to get started with getting more likes, then why not try

4) Keep your focus, or only blur on purpose

Images that are poorly lit, out of focus, and blurry just don’t come across as invigorating as their crisper, cleaner, brighter cousins. If you are taking images with a smartphone, use the auto focus feature and give it enough time to work. If you want to select a focal point on your own, tap the screen to force the focus. Having said that, intentional blurring can be an interesting element. Blurring can be used to emphasize a background over the foreground or capture a sensation of motion. Be sparing in your use of tilt shifting though.

5) Get faces in your photos

Many vacationers snap images of architecture and landscapes, but these can come off as sterile and with no feeling. The best travel photos often have people in them. Is a place really memorable without knowing someone who is there? The locals that make and practice the regional customs and culture are the real reason why people love visiting a place. Consider stories you tell or hear about previous travels and trips; are they about places or the people met along the way? Just make certain you photograph responsibly; never sneak in images of someone if you do not have their permission, and never take pictures in a space where cameras are explicitly banned or frowned upon.

6) Remember to enjoy yourself, and don’t things too seriously

Show off how much fun you’re having by letting others see the random moments of hilarity of your trip on top of breathtaking vistas and mind-blowing sunrises and sunsets. Travel ultimately is not about the place so much as it is your experience there. Modern technology makes it possible for most anyone to snap a great image of a landscape, but you make your images all yours when you sprinkle in just a bit of your own personality and unique vibe.

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