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Travel Tips – My Top 9 Tips for Saving More on Vacation

Vacations are wonderful. Getting away from work and real life for a week or two is a brilliant way to relax and unwind. Seeing more of the world also helps you to refresh and put your problems into perspective. It’s a chance to meet new people, explore new ideas, learn new skills, try new foods and learn more about different cultures. Traveling can improve your physical and mental health, and even make you a happier, calmer and more well-rounded person. It’s something that we should all be doing as often as we can.Make sure you know what you are doing, and stay safe.Take a look at current events to help you to plan your tips for Saving More on Vacation.

Tips for Saving More on Vacation

Unfortunately, travel can be expensive, and it’s not something that many of us can afford to do as often as we might like. Most of us spend all year looking forward to our one (often preposterously expensive) summer vacation. Only to find that within a blink of an eye, it’s over and we’ve got to wait, and spend months saving and making sacrifices back home before we can do it again.

If you would like to travel more, and the cost is the only thing that is standing in your way, there are some fantastic ways to save money on your trips. Allowing you to travel and see more of the world, without breaking the bank. Meaning that you can do it much more often!

Consider Taking the Train

When we think of vacations, we often think of flying. It’s usually the fastest way to travel, and it can often be the cheapest. Especially if you are traveling long haul. It’s not the only way, however. If you are only traveling a short distance, train tickets might be cheaper than flights.

Taking the train can also seem more like an adventure, and you may even find that with airport transfers, security, and customs, a short distance trip doesn’t take much longer on the train.

tips for Saving More on Vacation.


Take a Road Trip

Instead of traveling abroad, why not take a road trip to somewhere nearby? Spend time exploring your surrounding area and learning more about it. There’s usually a lot more to see near home than we notice when we are busy working.

Book Last Minute

Last minute deals are often cheaper, as airlines and resorts try to fill seats and rooms that are left. Use travel comparison sites, and set up alerts so that you get notifications when prices and destinations that fit your filters become available.

Make Sure You’ve Got What You Need

When it comes to last minute travel, one of the problems is often passports, visas and any other documents needed. You can end up spending a lot more than you need to, to get these things quickly or having to re-do applications because you’ve made a mistake while rushing. Failing to get the right documentation can mean that you’re not allowed to travel, and you could even face a fine if you try to. So, take the time to get it right. It’ll save you money and cut your stress levels. If possible, make sure your passport is up to date in plenty of time. Then, if you need anything in a hurry see Expedited Passports and Visas for help.

Book in Advance

Booking in advance can also save you money, or at least give you more time to budget and save for your trip. As soon as flights become available for your chosen weeks, take a look at the deals on offer.

Fly on Tuesday Night

Flights are usually more expensive Friday-Monday, during the daytime. Midweek flights at unsociable hours can be much cheaper.

Book Single Tickets

Often, we assume that buying a return ticket, on any kind of public transport will be cost effective. But, this isn’t always the case. Compare the price of buying singles to find the cheapest option.

Switch Airport

You can also save money by adding a transfer to your trip or flying from an airport a little further away from home. There’s also no rule that says you have to fly to and from the same airports on each leg of your trip. Look at the flights out of and into different airports, but make sure you factor in any other travel you’ll need to either get home or to your hotel. Remember, if you are returning to a different airport, you won’t be able to drive there or buy return train tickets.

Check the News

Holidays often get reduced because of world events. Holidays around Europe are currently being discounted because high temperatures mean that people are holidaying in their own countries and making the most of good weather at home. Take a look at current events to help you to plan your trip. But, make sure you know what you are doing, and stay safe.

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