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Travel Tips to Planning a Trip to Canada?

When you hear the word ‘Canada’, do you simply think that it’s the country renowned for maple syrup, ice hockey and terribly cold winters? Perhaps you do. However, there is so much more to it than just those things. This article will guide you through what you must do before booking your trip in order to have a wonderful time in Canada.Information and four tips on how to start the process of Planning a Trip to Canada.Find tons of Travel advice for visiting Canada.

Planning a Trip to Canada

All About Planning a Trip to Canada

Are you eligible?

In order to be allowed entry into Canada, there are certain conditions you need to meet. For example, you will need to be able to show valid travel documentation, be in good health, have sufficient money (or available funds) and show willing to leave at the end of your trip. Furthermore, you may be denied admission if you have a criminal conviction. It is worth checking these things carefully prior to booking the visit.

Plan ahead

Canada is a vast country and it will take time to travel around. If you’re happy to stay and explore just one area, you’ll certainly feel less tired. However, road trips around Canada are popular. Who wouldn’t want to experience the immense countryside? Just try not to underestimate the amount of time it will take to get around. Consider whether you will need to rent a hire car in Montreal, or for example, or perhaps you are going to try public transport. Try not to plan an itinerary to the hour, and certainly leave a couple of days free, to allow for unexpected occurrences.

Consider all of the things you desperately want to visit and plot them on a map. Use an online journey planner to work out an estimate of how long it will take to drive from one attraction to the next. Alternatively, check out the train and bus timetables. However, with public transport, you will be more restricted. On the plus side, you can read or absorb the stunning views whilst traveling, which can be tricky whilst driving.

Be sure to read up on the differences in the law between Canada and your home country. It is likely that they have different speed limits and drinking ages. Ignorance of the law will not allow you to get away with any misdemeanors, so make yourself aware of Canadian rules and regulations.

What to take

Canada is notorious for freezing cold winter conditions, so do make sure that you pack appropriate clothing. However, even during other seasons, the weather can change easily, so be prepared for anything and you’ll probably have it covered.

Canada accepts most debit and credit cards, but do be sure to take some quick cash to fund holiday  with you too. Look for a positive time in the exchange rate to get the most Canadian dollars for your money. Although it is vital to have some cash, be sure not to take too much. There are some towns and cities near the USA border, which accept U.S. dollars. So, if you have some stashed away since your last visit, take them with you to spend if you are able.

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