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The Top Nicaragua Travel Tips

Granada is one of Nicaragua’s largest cities and a place that all travelers should visit when traveling along the country. It is one of the best areas for adventurers to check out due to all the fun things that there are to do in and around it.

Just as any other place you visit in the world there are a couple of curiosities and particularities. Here are a couple of things that I learned from Granada that might be useful for you.

The Top Nicaragua Travel Tips

My top Nicaragua Travel Tips

1. Crime

You don’t hear about horrible crimes happening often. But there is still a guy or two that would love to get a pc, a phone or a camera without having to pay for it. So avoid large crowds or lonely streets at night.

Most hotels are reliable but it is also a good idea to get a safe for your important documents and the cards you won’t be using that day.

2. Lodging

Granada has a good variety of places to stay. You shouldn’t have problems finding a good hotel or Airbnb that fits your budget and needs. but one thing that I always recommend booking your accommodations before you get to your destination, especially if you are traveling in high season.

The high season goes from November to April.

3. The Top Places to Visit

A couple of places in and around Granada that travelers might enjoy are:

  • The Islets
  • Hang out at the central park
  • Horse carriage ride
  • Apoyo Lagoon Natual Reserve
  • Look inside Masaya volcano’s create
  • Check out the local cathedral
  • Take a cooking class

4. Eating

You will find cafes offering sandwiches and other cafeteria dishes for a good price. There are also restaurants offering a variety of dishes. Keep in mind that the restaurants closest to the park tend to be more expensive. But one edible experience that you should absolutely not miss is checking out their chocolate museum.

5. How much time is enough

It depends on how slow you want to take it but anywhere from four days to a full week is not only enough but adequate to fully explore it without getting bored or missing fun adventures.

6. Money

This is not a place where traveling is too expensive. In fact, this is one of the cheapest places to visit in Central America. But you should always be prepared and have some backup money on a separate account, in case something goes wrong.

And if you find yourself in an emergency or need more money you can always look up in the internet for an easy way to finance your trip.

7. Entering Nicaragua by Road

Sadly, entering Nicaragua by road isn’t recommended. there is too much corruption in the borders and the staff will do as much as they can to get as much money out of you as possible. Plus, the process of entering the county might result in spending hours at the border and if you are not careful with your luggage, you might end up losing stuff,

Follow these easy tips that will make your trip a lot easier and let me know in the comments if you want to know anything else.

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The Top Nicaragua Travel Tips

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