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Travel Tips for Planning a Family Vacation to Hawaii

Planning family trips is a huge, yet extremely, rewarding experience. However, it is a bit confusing when you have a ton of options.Basic guide on how to start planning a fun family Hawaii Vacation. Take a look at my top tips for a perfect family adventure in Hawaii.

A Hawaii vacation for the whole family is such a cool, diverse and popular place that deciding on everything can be a lot of work.

So, here are some of the basics that will allow you to have a better experience and a much smoother planning process for your Hawaii vacation.

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5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Hawaii With Family

Hawaii Vacation

Best island to visit

You might want to visit a different island depending on what you are looking to do. For example, Oahu is great if you want to have the traditional Hawaii experience, you will find a lot of places for scuba diving, surfing in Hawaii, tons o trendy restaurants, and resorts. If you are looking for a more adventurous experience and whale watching, you can visit Maui. Lastly, Kauai is great if you are looking for outdoor activities.

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Best time to visit Hawaii with family

Hawaii is one of those places where you can visit all year long due to its amazing climate. April, May, September, and October are high seasons, and June to November is hurricane season.

If you ask me, I’d go between December and March. You don’t get that many crowds but still, get to experience the area with good weather and without any hurricane danger.

Best places to stay

This also depends on the kind of experience that you want. If you want something private where you don’t have people near you and get to feel almost like a local, get a vacation rental. There are tons available. This is my personal favorite option.

If on the other side you are looking for a touristy experience, there are plenty of large, all-inclusive Hawaii resorts that offer all sorts of activities for kids, some even have areas wu¡here your kids can stay for hours playing and having fun while you rest. Some of the best are Kauai Beach Resort, Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka’upulehu and Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa.

You will also find smaller boutique hotels, but I wouldn’t recommend those for families since they tend to cater more to couples. There must be exceptions, but they won’t be easy to find.

Getting there

Ok, this one might sound silly because we all know that the best and fastest way to get there is on an airplane.  There are airlines offering flights to Hawaii from a ton of different places. However, the trick is finding flights at a good airline where you and your family will be treated amazingly for a discounted price.

To find cheap airline tickets to Hawaii my best tip is to start looking for them in advance and stay vigilant to see if prices drop. Sometimes offers only last for one day.

Best places to eat

When traveling to a new place, whether it is on your own or with kids, the best thing is to start with local dishes. In Hawaii, you can find “sunshine markets,” where tropical produce and small eateries can be found. This is a great way to get to know all of the different fruit kinds. Trust me, they taste better in the tropics.

With these basic notions of what it is like to plan a family trip to Hawaii, you are ready to get started. If you know of any other tips people should know leave them in the comments.

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