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Travel Tips for Iceland

Thinking about going on a vacation to Iceland? This is a small country, located in the northern region or Europe. It has tons of mountains that offer a beautifully weird landscape. It is a place where glaciers, green mountains and hot springs are combined.

Here are a few tips and facts about the country so you get the best experience you possibly have.

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1. When to Visit Iceland – The name screams cold but it’s not as bad as it sounds. But it is a good idea to visit the country in the warmer months, that is between June and august. This is the time of the year when the sun barely sets, it never gets dark, it’s all a long day. There is also a bit of rain, but it won’t ruin your vacation.

As always the best prices are during the cooler months but in this case many of the attractions are closed during this time of the year, and you only get 4 hours of day light, so it wouldn’t actually be a bargain. But in February and march, some of the attractions start opening up and it’s still not high season, so you can save a bit.

2. Visas and Passports – Do I need a passport? Do I need a visa? These are the most common questions there are among travelers, no matter where they are traveling to. However they are smart questions, you don’t want to have last minute issues with your documentation. Here is the basic passport and visa information for Iceland:

Passport: The only ones that don’t need a passport for this country are the citizens from the countries in the European Union.

Visa: If you are going to visit the country, and want to stay for less than 3 months you won’t need a visa, however if you are not from the European Union, the US, Autralia or Japan you might want to ask your embassy first.

3. Driving – They require the basics, seat belts , working headlights and no talking on the phone. The speed limits are 50 km/h in towns, 80 km/h on country roads, and 90 km/h in highways. Another important fact is that the documents you need are: driving license, passport, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. Also the limit for alcohol in your system while driving l is 0.5.

NOTE: In case of an emergency you can call “112”.

4. Customs Regulations – I know you want your arrival to be smooth, so this is an important topic. First: clothes, cameras and all your personal items don’t need to be declared. They still do random checks, so you’d better not be forgetting to declare something, because you might get caught. When it comes to the amount of money you can bring, there are no restrictions.

If you like to travel with your own alcohol don’t bring more than a liter. If you need medicines they allow personal prescription medicines, up to a 100 day supply, without a customs declaration. It’s never a bad idea to bring a letter from your doctor, some of the customs might ask for it.

As of things you can’t enter to Iceland: weapons and ammunition, plants, fireworks, exotic animals, fishing gear, riding gear (includes clothing & gloves!) and food.

5. Last but not least, Health – This is a very healthy country but they encourage you to be vaccinated against the most common diseases. However there are no official requirements.

When it comes to drinking water, is not necessary for it to be bottled, tap water is safe. In the case of food, it is always recommended to wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.

Again the emergency number for this country is 112.

Follow these simple guidelines so your vacation to this beautiful country goes smoothly.

Simon Helguson is a tour guide and Social Media Coordinator at Iceland Rovers, a leading Iceland tours company specializing in bus tours, Iceland day tours, Iceland group travel, Iceland super jeep tours and more.

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