Travel Talk – Is it Real to Find Love in Solo Travel?

Most of us love traveling. Be it a long-awaited vacation or a simple getaway from the city, the feeling of being on the road thrills us every time. When you plan a trip, you don’t know what to expect from it and you certainly don’t know who you will meet. But is it possible to find someone while being on the go? Let’s find out!What it takes for you to find love abroad as you go on a solo trip.Take a look at this article to learn all about solo travel.

Solo Travel

Everyone is Approachable

Many people have experienced the feeling of sudden courage during their travels. And we’re not just talking about the people who use things like Pheromones spray to boost their confidence. Abroad you become less shy and more approachable because nothing is holding you back in the new environment. To be honest, a big factor is that your brain is playing a psychological trick on you. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad, in fact, it’s good news.

For many of us, it’s easier to make friends with people abroad because it’s generally easier to connect with others outside of one’s comfort zone. Just like you, everyone is way friendlier and more courageous when they encounter something unexpected. For example, when locals see a foreigner, they become interested in that person because he or she seems different. This is the magical appeal of meeting strangers.

Travelers Have an Open Mind

There is a ton of people who actually have an open mind when it comes to travel romance. A lot of young fellows travel in search of something or someone new and dating while traveling might be an option even for those who are in a relationship. But before I continue, I’d like to make things clear. I do not encourage infidelity or break-ups but oftentimes, there’s a reason why someone’s significant other is not there, as well as there’s a reason why sole travelers are willing to talk about their relationship issues. People often go alone to spend some time on their own hoping that they will find a solution.

One is a Magical Number

When it comes to traveling alone, people often picture a sole wanderer in the wilderness but frankly, that is not the case. When you travel alone and meet new people who somehow find out that you are alone, they will surely let their guards down. The idea of someone traveling alone makes the whole “find love in solo travel” endeavor so much easier to execute. I remember when I was riding a bus from Gorizia, Italy to Ljubljana, Slovenia I met this hot guy from Germany. We had a nice chat, but as soon as he found out that I was there with my friends, he immediately switched to a more casual conversation and we parted. I wish I would travel alone!

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No Expectation

When being at home, you get sucked up by a routine. You need to have a job, you are expected to get married one day if you’re in the relationship and all that jazz. But when you’re on the go, rules kinda change. Those who are traveling alone are more laid-back, careless, and outright wild. Sure, you might come across a stage 5 clinger, but that’s just a minor drawback.

On the other hand, if you are always changing places and moan like a locked bird for not being able to find somebody, you can always resort to dating websites. We like to call it love and travel. Most websites have a dedicated mobile version so you can use a dating app everywhere. Sites like, for instance, have a really nice mobile app that in some cases is even more practical than the main website. When traveling with the app, your chances to meet someone are way higher because you can find a date in your destination city while still being at the airport.

So is it possible to find love in solo travel? The answer is yes but you should follow your heart and be willing to make the first move. If you feel adventurous and want to find a truly special person, there’s no real reason not to try.

Last Updated on June 30, 2023

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