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Travel Souvenirs to Give Your Friends on Your Next Trip

Travel Souvenirs

Traveling is something that we want to share with our loved ones. Finding new ways to share our adventures and even new ways to give them great souvenirs from your travels is how you can include them. It can help you alleviate any home-sickness and stay in touch with those that you care about most.


Postcards and letters alike are two of the best souvenirs that you can give, because they take time and effort to write on and then have to travel a long way to reach their destination. They can then be saved. You can make your postcards even more personal by using this postcard maker to send letters with your photos, not mass-produced card stock. These postcards are perfect for the extra romantic touch to your partner back home, or a sweet way to share your adventures with your elderly grandparents who perhaps don’t have a computer at home.

Support Local Artists  

When it comes to buying souvenirs for your loved ones back home, you need to be careful. Tourism brings in a lot of money to local communities, but just as it can help these communities, it can also push back locals and price them out of their own homes. That is why it is important to avoid tourist shops that sell mass-produced trinkets from third-world countries and instead support the local artists. Go to boutiques, markets, and even to the artist’s homes and help support the local community that way. You’ll be a conscientious traveller and pick up unique and beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Get Something Custom Made

Similar to supporting local artists with your choice of souvenir, you can take this one step further by getting something custom made. This could mean getting an engraving, or commissioning something to be made by an artist. This is obviously the more expensive option, but if there’s a big birthday coming up you might find it’s the perfect gift option.

Charity Shop

Another way that you can find eclectic souvenirs while also supporting the local community is to visit the charity shops. These ensure that the things you buy are sustainable and that your money will go towards a worthy cause. Not to mention, you can find some true gems for fashion lovers in the form of vintage finds.

Non-Perishable Foods

This souvenir will, of course, depend on the airport requirements. You cannot bring meat or dairy products across some borders, for instance. Know what you can bring so that you know what options there are for bringing food back to your friends and family. Tastes from around the world can be a real treat, and rather than just getting them a gift, you can give them an experience.

Travelling is wonderful, and sharing your adventures and what you have seen and experienced with your loved ones is even better. That is why you should aim to up your souvenir game and opt for any of these choices to give to your loved ones.

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