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Travel Solo – Things to Pack When Traveling Alone

Packing for a solo trip is not much different than packing for a trip with your partner. However, there are many concerns involved when you are traveling alone because there might be no one you can rely on during your journey, particularly when it comes to personal safety.Five essentials that you should pack when traveling alone.Take a look at this blog post to learn about traveling alone.

Travelling Alone - Packing List

When you know that there is no at your back, you might want to be more cautious and consider packing following items.

1. First-aid kit
Every traveler has few medical necessities carried with them but I would prefer to keep a mini-pharmacy with you all the time when traveling alone. It is really essential since there might be no one to run you down to the nearest hospital on your behalf.

Make sure to create your own first-aid kit with items like bandages, antibacterial wipes, and a few painkillers. You can even buy ready made first-aid kits from medical stores. Make sure you don’t sacrifice your safety.

2. Money belt
While traveling with a partner, money can be split so there will be less impact in case of a robbery or one of the wallets get lost. When traveling alone, make sure your valuables are split over in more than one place to ensure minimal loss.


You can carry the main bulk of cash in your money belt which will be hidden under your clothes. Only keep the money you need for the day in your wallet. You can also create secretive pockets to keep emergency money.

3. Medical ID card
If you become temporarily disabled on your solo trip, you will not have someone to represent you on your behalf to the medical personnel which can be life-threatening if you have certain allergies which need to be communicated to the doctor. Make sure medical information is properly conveyed to the doctor through your medical card.

Gather your important information in a place where the responder can find it easily. You can even wear medical necklaces or bracelets where your important health conditions are stated. Nevertheless, health and travel insurance is one good alternative.

4. Personal alarm
You must carry something to draw attention of others while in cases of emergencies. Pepper spray is a good idea but it is illegal in many countries. You can carry a whistle or any other noise-making device which can frighten the attacker. Personal alarm has a backup whistle even if the battery runs out. Make sure you buy such safety equipment.

5. Snack bars
Stomach comes first. It is very easy to lose track of time during adventures. Rather than hurrying to find something to get your hunger eradicated, buy box of snack bars. But make sure that avoid ones with ingredients that melt too easily.

This is not an exhaustive list. It may vary according to the nature and location of travel. You may even include things like paintball vest, emergency blankets, old cell phone cases and much more. It totally depends on personal preferences. Nevertheless, carrying the list above will ensure a good trip.

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