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Travel Safety – 6 Ways to Protect Yourself While Traveling

Whether you’re traveling around the nearest big city to your home or are planning an extensive getaway abroad, one of the paramount concerns for most travelers is security. Opportunistic thieves no longer need to physically steal your belongings to wreak havoc on your trip and finances. Without ever touching you, a quick scan of your credit cards and passport is all it takes to steal your information and identity. Passports and credit cards are imbedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that contain a wealth of personal and financial information. With the right technology, a thief can scan these details through your wallet, purse, or clothes right under your nose. Fortunately, savvy travel companies like Magellan’s have created several handy travel safety  products, like the RFID organizer backpack, to stop thieves in their tracks.

6 Travel Safety Tips

RFID Backpack
If you have the chance to bring one single carry-on item with you, this high-tech backpack may be all you need for stress-free travel. It is roomy enough to hold the essentials like your tablet in a padded compartment, with additional space for your wallet, pens, vouchers, and other important travel items. What sets the backpack apart, however, are its five RFID-blocking card slots. You can store the credit cards you will be traveling with in these clever slots to thwart opportunistic thieves who usually look to backpacks first.

Travel Safety Backpack

RFID Waist Pack
Once you’ve reached your destination, swap out the backpack for a more discreet waist pack. Whether they’re looking to steal your financial information or your valuables, a backpack often puts a bull’s eye on the unsuspecting tourist. Don’t be an easy target. Opt for a stealthy waist pack instead. If somebody wants to steal your valuables, they’re going to have to be a lot more obvious to access a waist pack and will likely decide it’s not worth the risk. Some options like the VaultPro are equipped with RFID-blocking card slots and have a convenient space to tote a water bottle for long days spent exploring.

RFID Front-Pocket Wallet
If a waist pack isn’t your style, you can still protect your personal information using a sleek, simple RFID-blocking wallet. Whether your carry it in your pocket, purse, or travel bag, this clever wallet shields your credit card information so thieves can’t access it. Choose from your choice of size, folds, and materials like steel or leather.

Passport Sleeve
An RFID-blocking passport sleeve is perfect when you’re en route to the next destination. While bags and waist packs are usually fitted with pockets for credit cards, a passport’s distinct size sometimes leaves it vulnerable. Protect yours with RFID-blocking sleeve made specifically to fit a passport’s dimensions.

Card Sleeve
When traveling with the bare minimum, even around your home city, you can still protect your credit cards with slim, discreet sleeves. An RFID-blocking credit card sleeve is perfect when you’re out and about with just the essentials. These models are designed to look like nothing more than a hotel room key sleeve.

Arm Wallet Arm Wallet

Hidden Arm Wallet
Thieves look first to your bags and pockets for valuables and information. Throw them off by carrying your cards, in their RFID-blocking sleeves, in a hidden arm wallet instead. This wallet is designed to fit comfortably around your forearm and hide under your shirt, an area not many would think to check.

By making the most of RFID-blocking travel products, you can enjoy your destination safely and free of stress.

One thought on “Travel Safety – 6 Ways to Protect Yourself While Traveling”

  1. Marina
    I love your focus on safety and lightweight. So often we bring a trunk of useless stuff when a simple, thought out small bag will do. I would add a small, easy to operate camera..maybe a point & shoot or your phone. I usually practice taking photos and learnign the settings before I leave so that I can concentrate on the photo not the camera when I travel. Do you have any tips on how to manage all your photographs while you are traveling?

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