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How to Travel More Safely in COVID Times

After all we’ve been through so far in 2020, it feels like we all need a good holiday to take our mind off things.Five things that you can do to Travel More Safely in COVID Times.This is a guide of all about my five tips to stay safe.

After all, if you’ve been locked down for months, it’s only natural to have itchy feet. However, although we can travel domestically and internationally again, there are certain precautions we all need to take when we travel to ensure that everyone stays safe. With this in mind, here are our top tips for how you can travel safely during Covid times, so you can protect your health and make sure you’re not endangering anyone else’s.

Travel More Safely in COVID Times

5 Tips to Travel More Safely in COVID Times

#1 Choose a reputable travel provider

In these unprecedented times, things can change quickly. For example, local lockdowns could mean that you can no longer travel, or you could pick up the virus before your trip. Alternatively, you may be unable to travel because you can’t quarantine for a full period of time when you return home.

As a result, it’s important that you book your holiday with a reputable travel provider. As Feefo’s Expedia reviews show, by booking with an established provider, you’ll have an extra level of reassurance and you’ll know that your money is in safe hands. If not, you may find yourself out of pocket if something goes wrong.

In addition to this, before you book, you should also check your provider’s policies. Check to see whether you have ATOL protection and learn more about their cancellation policies – you may need to use these if you can no longer travel.

#2 Choose a crowd-free destination

City breaks are great ways of exploring the world and learning about local cultures, but this kind of break can force you to visit tightly packed areas where the risk of transmission is much higher, particularly if you need to use public transport to get around.

As a result, choosing a quieter and more peaceful location may be a better choice. So, try and select a coastal destination with multiple beaches if you’re looking for sea and sand. Or, if you’d rather explore, why not enjoy a staycation in one of the UK’s 15 National Parks? By having your own spot, you’ll have no need to spend your holiday worrying about the virus and can instead travel stress free.

#3 Learn about the guidelines for international air travel

Although many people are skeptical about traveling in an aeroplane during a pandemic, scientists believe that the risk of in-flight transmission is rare if everyone on-board follows the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

Most airlines have chosen to keep the middle seat free on their flights so customers have more space, and almost all airlines are asking people to wear face coverings at all times. There’s also a chance that you may need to show a negative Covid-19 test before you board if you’re flying internationally, or you may need to have your temperature checked. Within the US, you can get rapid COVID testing in Sacramento. A service such as Drip Hydration can test you wherever you are staying on your trip and give you results within the day, helping you make the best decisions for your travels.

So, before you travel internationally, make sure you’re aware of the regulations that apply to your trip and check with your airline of choice directly. This way, you won’t experience any nasty surprises when you reach the airport.

#4 Pre-book everything you can

In addition, while you’re away you need to remember that social distancing measures mean that venues cannot fill to their usual capacity. As a result, popular attractions will fill quickly and it may not be as easy as usual to get the restaurant reservation you’d like.

Due to this, for your own peace of mind it’s well worth pre-booking everything you can. This way, you’ll never be disappointed and you won’t miss out.

#5 Practise good personal hygiene

Finally, you should remember that although you’re on your holiday, you can’t let your guard down against the virus. Make sure you still wear your mask wherever possible and ensure that you thoroughly wash your hands for the full 20 seconds each time. You should also disinfect items you touch frequently (like your phone) and avoid touching your face.

We’re still learning about the virus constantly, but scientists now believe that touching objects isn’t the main way of contracting it, according to National Geographic. Instead, you’re much more likely to catch it from other people. So, when you meet new people, stay at least six feet away and avoid coming into direct contact with them.

In summary, although we’re not entirely through the coronavirus pandemic, it’s now widely considered to be safe to travel. However, you’ll still need to take extra precautions before you leave home and while you’re away. Follow these top five tips and you should have no problems enjoying a safe, fun holiday. After all, you’ve earned it.

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