The Grommet Online Store – Rare Find for Travel Products and So Much More…

the grommet online store

Do you want to find super unique products that are created from the heart that are practical, stylish and artistic?

Believe it or not, not everything is on Amazon. I found The Grommet, looking for items that will make my life easier with travel.

Lately, I’ve had to travel more than usual, some with my kids and some without. In the past 2 months, I’ve been to 3 countries and 5 US states. Needless to say, I was looking for a home away from home stuff to make the travel nonstop a bit easier.

That’s how I found this mega shop online.

The main idea behind The Grommet is to be an online store and to shine a light on great ideas and the people behind them and arm them with the tools that the big guys have. This helps create a world where better ideas win.

They are focused on bringing you things worth buying.

After looking at the hundreds of options of products,  I found these beauties.

A few were simply a splurge, not totally necessary but I just really fell in love with them – check the best as the last.

Here are some of the more useful travel items I got at The Grommet Online Store:

TUO Travel Organizer

The Grommet Online Store - Travel organizer

It’s so much more than the website shows. It’s an incredible organizer for all my toiletries and undergarments.

This travel organizer is magnetized to close and can be folded to pack away easily, and also to hang open.

Basically, it can double as a mini hanging closet, too. I love these! I had one before and it ripped after five years of use. So I love this new one.

Expandable Travel Organizer

The Grommet Online Store - travel organizer 2

Home away from home! This is a mini bathroom that can come with you anywhere you want to go. It takes up barely any space in your luggage. And fits way more than you expect.

The bag is an expandable cosmetic case and organizer allowing you to customize the compartments to meet your needs, then unsnap and slide them into a surface area that fits seamlessly over your sink.

Products that are useful, not completely top on my need list, but that I fell in love with:

2″ Camera Strap

The Grommet Online Store - camera strap

How beautiful is this strap! One thing I’ve been getting a bit tired of lately is my camera. And sometimes, simply getting something stylish with a comfortable neck pad that is made of plush velvet surface can be the trick to get me re-inspired.

And it totally has!

Marina Bracelet

The Grommet Online Store - marina bracelet

Total indulgence item.

But with a name like Marina for a bracelet, is a must-have for me.

And, get this, it’s main stone is made from rare sand and stone from Lake Atitlan of Guatemala.

Basically, this was made for me!

And I love it, it’s become a staple ware.


I wasn’t prepared to have so much fun shopping on this site. And accidentally finding products that you can totally fall in love with.

The Grommet is easy to use, great service and a rare find on the internet other than the big name.

If you are interested in their products take a look at their social media.

Twitter: @TheGrommet

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The Grommet Online Store - Rare Find for Travel Products and So Much More...

Last Updated on June 16, 2023

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