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Travel Planning for Your Post Virus Escape

We might be in the middle of the worst travel situation of our lifetime, but there’s no reason why you can’t start looking forward to getting away once this situation clears. Here, Andy from Exploring this Rock has some great tips on planning your post-virus escape.We are hopeful that this year things will go back to normal and we will all be able to travel again.Here are some Travel Planning tips.

After all, having something to look forward to will help to keep your spirits up during this difficult time.

Travel Planning for Your Post Virus Adventure

Travel Planning

1. Book local

Before international and long-distance travel is permitted again, local restrictions are likely to be different, so this might be a great time to explore your state – but only within your state’s restrictions, of course.

You might just find hidden gems on your doorstep that you didn’t know existed. Join some local Facebook groups, ask on your social walls, and ask friends and relatives when catching up with them. You might be surprised what’s just around the corner.

2. Plan a Skiing / Snowboarding Holiday

While this is not likely to be over anytime soon; it will be over at some point.

So why not book a ski trip for next winter and have something to look forward to. If you have never been skiing before, check out Some Sort of Board. The articles on the best places to ski all across each state could provide some really useful information and you’ll easily be able to find somewhere locally to match your skill level.

Skiing/snowboarding can be a great fun to get into and, once you’ve really got into the fun of it, you could get away a few times over the winter months and see new parts of the country. My tips: Start local, build up your skill level and move on.

3. Stay within our borders

International flights are likely to be expensive and harder to come by as the world returns to normal. So, staying within the country should be much easier and cheaper for you. Hawaii is a great place to visit. There’s so much to see and do.

Alternatively, why not hire a RV and take the family on a drive they will never forget? See how many different states or cities you can visit in a certain time frame – and maybe try to collect a token (pin badge, bumper sticker, etc) at each stop so you can remember them all!

Or, you could plan a route to visit as much of the family as possible! Remember the grandpa you only see at big family events? Make a detour on your route and see him!

4. Do a virtual tour

While you may not be able to physically travel, Google and other travel companies have opened up free virtual tours of different places.

While it’s not the same as visiting a different city or country, you can at least get a feel for places, and find destinations you want to return to in real life. You can also weed out places you don’t. It’s a good strategy for any new place you’re heading to. Use Google street view and get your bearings – this is especially important if you don’t speak the local language.

5. Plan that dream vacation

Completely ignoring all of the above, why not use this time to plan your ultimate trip. Think hard about what could be the trip of a lifetime, and choose the place/country you have always wanted to see and explore.

Do some in-depth research, work out what you want to go, and the places you want to stay – and of course, how much you’ll need to get there and enjoy yourself while you’re there. Remember, if you are planning on traveling solo, there may be other things to consider. Check out our guide to traveling alone.

While it’s great to dream and plan, we should remind you all that the restrictions in place are there to protect us all. Please listen to the government’s advice, stay indoors and stay safe. Your travel adventure can wait, the places will still be there, so don’t risk your health. That’s something that just can’t be replaced.

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