Travel Phone Charger – This is the Best Invention Ever!

What fits into your wallet and can give your phone an extra 25% charge anywhere, anytime in the world? The TravelCard Charger!

I’ll be honest with you, I get a lot of new start ups contacting me about different, at times cool, products to make travel easier. Most of them don’t really fit my reader’s interests, so I decline. However, when this arrived for me to test out and write about, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be found by them. Thank you!

How we Survived Without this Travel Phone Charger All This Time Is a Mystery To Me

travelcard charger

1. Besides that it is the size of a credit card, it is also a teeny tiny bit thicker. Plus, it has a light telling you when it is charged or needs charging.

Travel Charger for phones

2. All you need is the standard USB cable, which it comes with in the package, and you can charge it from anywhere.

travelcard charger with usb cable

3. Charge your phone – remember this is for emergencies. I get 25% battery use once I use the charger, which is more than enough for me to get to a place where I can recharge my phone to its 100%

travel charger

How to Use the TravelCard Charger

To charge your phone, simply insert the TravelCard’s charging cable into your phone’s micro USB port and press the power button located on the side.

To charge the TravelCard, plug the enclosed USB charging cord into the TravelCard and any computer. A blue indicator light will come on (replacing the amber one), continue to charge for another hour or so.

Prices and Bonuses

The cost is $45.00 US flat. No extra fees or taxes apply.

But the best part – you get FREE worldwide shipping!

What are you waiting for? This is without a doubt the most useful item you can have in your wallet aside your credit card and ID.

Last Updated on September 3, 2023

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