Jworld Kid’s Rolling Backpack Review (+Cooler!)

Packing for kids can go either way: It can be a horribly drawn-out process with them only taking their toys, or it can be super fun and helpful to the parents. We all want the fun to happen. For this to work, you need a suitcase that the kids will love and want to pack up.

After a lot of searching on the internet for luggage that my son will not only have a blast packing up, but will fit on the airplane as a carry-on rather than having to check it in, I found the ideal solution: Kids’s Rolling Backpack!

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kid holding a jworld rolling backpack

We love it!!! Just the very thought of us going on a trip, my boy is already in his room packing it up. It looks like it’s pretty small, but once we have all his stuff in it, we realize that it fits everything that we need.

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Jworld Rolling Backpack for Kids

1. The bag has three compartments: The main one is quite deep and is perfect for clothes.

colorful jworld rolling backpack for kids

2. The middle one which we used mainly for his field journals, pens, and books.

3. The third one, which is the smallest of the three and was perfect for his DS and all the accessories necessary for it.

4. The side has pockets as well. You can use them for water or soft drinks, but we chose to place his shoes since they are pretty deep and fit one pair in each pocket.

side of a colorful jworld kid rolling backpack

5. The bag can be used as a backpack and worn on my son’s back.

the back of a colorful jworld kid rolling luggage

6. You can also un-clip the backpack flaps and stuff them in a pocket, making it look like the perfect rolling suitcase.

the back of a colorful jworld kid rolling luggage

7. It also has an adjustable handle for different kid heights.

a kid holding a jworld kid rolling backpack

8. The wheels are noiseless, which is great. But the best part and most fun for my son is that they light up as you move. One thing that my kid hates is being responsible for his bag, but with glowing wheels he was running around all over the place – even in the direction which we needed him to go.

9. As an extra bonus the bag comes with a small cooler like bag, which is perfect for snacks to take in the car or plane.

cooler that comes with a jworld kid rolling backpack

One thing that I noticed and my kid constantly reminds me of, is that if we’re not traveling it can be a perfect backpack for school. I don’t know about you guys, but for some crazy reason my seven year old has more books than I remember ever having. Plus, they are so heavy. I can see this bag coming into many uses in between our travels.

We’ve been through a bunch of ‘kid’ suitcases, the fact that it has so many compartments and can be carried as a backpack is definitely one of the best aspects of it!

Thanks Daniel HD Kim, from JWorld, for sending us the Kid’s rolling backpack! All of my opinions are always my own.

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Kids Rolling Backpack from Jworld - Kids Travel Suitcase Review

Last Updated on May 12, 2023

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