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Travel Israel through An Israel Private Tour Guide

If you really want to experience what type of culture and what Israel has to offer a traveler like you, all you need to do is to wear comfortable shoes and walk the streets with the help of an Israel private tour guide.Travel Israel to enjoy Israel culture, all you need to do is to wear comfortable shoes and walk the streets with the help of an Israel private tour guide.

The truth is that there are a lot of places where you can go to when taking one of Israel vacations. One search on the internet will show all of these places. You can also use brochures and tourists books to help you gain more knowledge about these. Still, the best way to research about places to go to in Israel is to ask the help of an Israel private tour guide.

Travel Israel through An Israel Private Tour Guide
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Travel Israel with a Private Tour Guide

Israel Private Tour Guide of Jerusalem and Galilee

Of all the cities in Israel, Jerusalem stands to be the most visited of all. Most of the tours done in Israel always include some sightseeing around this city. Some of the most famous sights in the city include Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, the Western Wall Tunnels and the Temple Mount to name a few. There is a good reason why Jerusalem is called the old city and why so many people visit it when they are on one of many Israel vacations they take. Because it has a lot of historical and biblical sights that you can see.

Outside of Jerusalem, there are museums that can be a source of historical facts and where you can find the Scrolls of the Dead Sea. Then there are sights like the Memorial Museum for the Holocaust and YadVashem.

Galilee is place where one can have spiritually enriching experiences. One can visit Mount of Beatitudes and offer a prayer there. Israel private tour guide also offers tours to the most famous sea of all, the Dead Sea. From there the Masada Fortress of King Herod is close by and a sight to behold.

Spending Israel vacations up North

If you are looking for interesting Israel vacation options and to spend you time at the beach, it is best to head up North to the city of Haifa, This is the third biggest city in Israel and it is also the main port the country has. But the best thing about this city is its beautiful and sandy beaches. If you are into nature tripping, Bahia is the place to go. The nice thing about Bahia is that aside from its natural sights, it also offers travelers some modern conveniences. Then there are the spiritual sights the church of the Carmelites. And in its’ background, you will see Mount Carmel. According to Israel private tour guide, tourists will also enjoy the different festivals Haifa has to offer.

You may only have a chance to visit once in your lifetime. This is reason enough that you should make the most out of your visit. There are a lot of things to discover here. The culture is very rich, religious sights dedicated to the three biggest religions in the world, the historical sites and historical value of the whole country of Israel. If you want to experience all of these in one trip, then a good Israel private tour guide can certainly help you out.

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