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Travel Inspiration – 4 best Places for a Gap Year

Work, school and stats homework; they all take a toll on the body and mind. So the best thing you can do to refresh your body is to go on a gap year. Your reasons for such trips might be different from others. But whatever the reason behind your decision, a gap year will undoubtedly be one of the best times of your life. It’s a good time to unwind and explore other places you have been dreaming of visiting. So, if you are thinking of where to spend your gap year but can’t figure out an ideal location, then this post will help you make the right decision. Read on!There are many great places to visit when you want to take a gap year.This is a list of four of the best gap year destinations.

best gap year destinations

  1. Japan

This small ancient city has everything that will make your gap year a memorable one. From ever-busy cities to an excellent display of modern technology, Japan has what it takes to make you want to extend your stay. Pay a visit to Tokyo, a trend-setting city in Japan where most backpackers love to go.

Besides featuring captivating cities, gardens and side attractions, Japan’s rich cultural heritage and festivals will impress you.  Plan a trip to the Takayama Matsuri festival, one of Japan’s most highly sought after float festivals held every spring and autumn. You can also learn Japanese to showcase your multi-lingual skills to your classmates or colleagues.

  1. New Zealand

Another gap year destination for travelers, New Zealand has something that will impress every visitor and make their stay an unforgettable one. With snow-topped mountains and attractive beaches, you can test your climbing skills or get wet in a hot pool.

The scenery of New Zealand is truly majestic. And you hardly can find someone that has visited this destination and didn’t like the place. With sweeping beaches, craggy coastlines and impressive geysers, New Zealand has what it takes to make your gap year a memorable one.

  1. Rome

Rome is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world, a position it has held on to for years now. Besides taking a bite of delicious cuisines from world-renowned chefs, Rome has several historic sites waiting for you to explore.

The history and people are reasons many visitors have lost counts of the number of times they have been to Rome. You will also learn many things from this region.

  1. Spain

If you are thinking of spending your gap year in Europe, Spain should be one of the destinations on your list. With world-famous cities, warm climate and beautiful beaches; you will never regret embarking on a trip to Spain or spending your entire gap year in this destination.

Explore world-class cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid or Seville. Watch your favorite football team battle for the top spot in La Liga and other competitions. You will also find local restaurants scattered across the cities that offer tasty foods at pocket-friendly rates too.


According to a dissertation team, one can have a memorable gap year when you travel to the ideal destination and make adequate plans on how to spend your time in the area. And to make choosing a travel destination a breeze, we have highlighted the top four gap year destinations to consider. So, you can go through the list and decide where to spend your next gap year.

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