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Travel in the Digital Age – What to Consider When Planning a Trip Away

World travel today bears little resemblance to the long sea voyages and treacherous year-long trips of yesteryear. The world is more open than it ever has been, with affordable international flights and luxury ocean cruises whisking us off to far-flung destinations for relatively little money. As of 2021, 71% of US adults had traveled to a foreign country at least once!

Travel in the Digital Age

With global technology advancing in lockstep with the opening of international travel possibilities, the possibilities of travel have also changed. Technology allows people to take working vacations on the other side of the world and enjoy distant retreats while remaining more connected than ever before. Here’s a quick guide to navigating travel in the digital age and choosing the best destinations to suit your vacation.

Keeping Connected

One of the major benefits to traveling in the modern age is the sheer prevalence of internet connectivity. Being connected, whether via phone signal or Wi-Fi, changes the game for traveling, putting you in possession of crucial information regarding transport links and local destinations — as well as research and translation capabilities.

Internet accessibility also enables you to engage with home comforts when you find yourself in unfamiliar places. After a long day of sightseeing or backpacking, sometimes all you want to do is lay up in your room and stream your favorite shows, add a picture to social media or play some games. A popular option for travelers from all over the world because of its relatively low demand on internet speed is an ever-reliable round of free online bingo. These games work smoothly with a 4G connection, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a reliable Wi-Fi signal. Seeking destinations with strong enough access to play games and stay in contact with friends and relatives can help keep you grounded, especially on longer journeys.

Travel in the Digital Age

The internet can also be a portal to remote working — a reality for a growing number of freelancers and contract workers in recent times, and one which has given rise to the phenomenon that is the “digital nomad”. Digital nomads take working from anywhere to its fullest extent, traveling around the world and earning money from their laptop. If this appeals to you, internet connectivity is a must.

Knowing When and How to Go Off-Piste

Of course, one of the rare joys of a far-flung vacation or trip is taking time and mental space away from modern living. Any good getaway worth its salt should include a spell of sheer uncontactable bliss. Leaving the internet behind for a day or two can be an invigorating experience, but finding a safe manner in which to do so should be your priority.

Before you depart, carry out some research on protected or conservation areas local to your destination. These areas are home to key natural resources, habitats, and endangered species – so not only will they be largely untouched, but also stunningly beautiful places to get away to. They also tend to be well-connected by transport links, making for a safe route there and back. What better way to take some time for yourself than traveling out to a protected beach and relaxing by the shoreline? 

Travel isn’t for everyone, even with the modern conveniences we rely on to be available around the world. But for those that can’t get enough of seeing what’s really out there on a cross-country road trip or across the seas, the modern world has provided priceless resources for navigating it — as well as the opportunity to leave it behind for a spell.

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