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Israel Travel – Holy Land

Holy Land is amazing country that everybody should visit! If you have possibility and budget to visit this tiny but rich county, which is holy for many religions, you have to do it. But it’s not possible to see everything in short period of time. So we wrote this to do list for traveling in Israel.

Israel Travel

Tel Aviv
After you land in Central Airport in Ben Gurion you can start your trip from Tel Aviv. A lot of people think that Tel Aviv is a capital of Israel, but it’s wrong, official capital of Holy Land is Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is modern beach city with a lot of restaurants, pubs and clubs. This city belongs to young people, city which never sleeps. In June you can visit famous Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv. A lot of people are dancing on the streets and on the central beach of Tel Aviv. Where are a lot of shops and shopping centers like Dizengof Center. If you are market lover and want to find local spices or food, don’t forget to visit Carmel Market (Shuk Ha’Carmel).

Gifts from Israel
In the Tel Aviv Market is possible to find many gifts for friends and family. For example made in Israel products like: spices, olive oil, Dead Sea cosmetics, handmade leather sandals, Israel t-shirts, crafts, jewelry and more. If you plan to go also to Jerusalem you can find in the Old City a loft of Christian and Jewish Gifts.

Israel Travel

Old City of Jerusalem is very important holy place for Christians, Jews and Moslems. So show your respect and dress in proper way, no shorts or mini dresses. It’s a very old tradition to leave the letter to God in the Wailing Wall, you can write your wishes or to ask for health and happiness for your family. Be careful in Arabic Bazaar, the prices are very high and you need always to ask for lower price.

Eilat is beautiful beach resort and great place for divers, which is located on the border with Jordan and Egypt. You need to drive 4-5 hours from Tel Aviv through desert or by plane only 30 min. In the summer it’s too hot in Eilat, so we advise you to visit Red Sea in the spring in February – Mai or in September – November. On Israeli holidays like Pejsah (in March-April), where are a lot of Israeli families and all hotels are full and overpriced. If you want to get good price check Israeli holiday’s calendar and try to avoid ordering your trip on this dates.

When you are planning your trip to Israel check more Information about Holy Land and Holy sites, this country is very rich in its history. We wish you good trip and have fun!

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