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Travel Hammock for Two – The Fun Has Just Begun

Hammocks are one of those travel toys that everyone wants to have. So, when you are hopping around a tropical country and buy a hammock from the side of the road, all of a sudden you are weighed down with unnecessary weight all for the romance of carrying a hammock.  However, travel hammocks don’t have to be heavy. As a matter for fact, they can be one of the lightest things in your bag.

travel hammock

My kids are big hammock fans. The whole idea of swinging around while we’re chilling on some exotic island or enjoying mountain lodges makes their travel memories that much richer and fuller. The biggest problems with this is that not all places or hotels have hammocks, and if they do they can either be occupied or so dirty that I forbid it all together. Then the memory becomes ‘mama is bad’ and ‘no one let’s us play in the hammock’.

Finally, after too many of these silly problems popping up over and over again, I decided to do something about it.

I bought a travel hammock and haven’t looked back!

Finding the right one is a fun game in itself, since you’re preparing for your next trip and anything to do with an upcoming trip for me is just amazing!

I found it! The Eno’s Double Nest Deluxe Hammock. It’s a portable hammock for two! This way my two boys have no more excuses. Plus, it teaches them to share and bond – another huge facet of family travel.

portable hammock

Along with the hammock I also got the Atlas Hammock Suspension System. This way all I need are two poles, trees, or anything that will let me clip it on and swing about. And it takes up almost no space at all in my bags.

hammock suspension system

How the Hammock Suspension System Works

So easy you’lll wonder why all hammock ropes aren’t like this.

1. Attach it to a pole or tree and loop the rope into place. Remarkably, it really stays in place and doesn’t move.

hammock suspension system

2. Find the height that works best for your hammock – there are several loops that you can attach your hammock to for the best height. You can be as far off the ground as you want, or practically touching it.

eagles nest hammocks

5 Amazing and Unbelievable Features of Our Travel Hammock and the Hammock Suspension System

Weight – The hammock weighs 1.5 pounds and the suspension ropes less than one pound. In total this amazing toy is around 2.5 pounds.

Size – the hammock when it’s rolled up in it’s attached bag is about the size of a grapefruit. The straps look like two small, thick wallets.

portable hammock

Capacity and durability – the hammock and straps can hold up to 400 pounds. Even though it says it’s good for two people, but we’ve actually had a lot more in it. And if this thing can handle a bunch of crazy boys, you know it can handle anything!

hammock for two

Breathability – the whole allure of the side-of-the-road hammocks is that they are made of string with lots of breathing room. Personally, I’ll take the breathing nylon material over that any day, which is what this hammock is made of. I can’t stand the way my body falls through the holes on a regular hammock. The Eno hammock supports me completely.

eagles nest hammocks

Stuff sack – the sack to roll it up in is attached! It’s super super easy to simply roll it up and stuff it in.

free standing hammocks

My take on it

I’ll be honest with you. Even though my kids and husband love hammocks, I have been quite indifferent to them – BEFORE NOW. And I’m really not just saying that because my family has fallen in love with it. But because it really is awesome. It’s so tiny, that I can bring it anywhere with us for our travels. It makes my kids so happy and gives me free time. And when everyone is off doing their thing, mama gets her break to simply relax and enjoy the view!

travel hammock

Where to buy it

I found the Eagles Nest Outfitters website or amazon to be the best option. For one, the selection is huge. Two, they know what works best with all their products as for accessories. Three, you never know what deals are going on until you visit the site. Four, the customer service is great. Five, it’s easy.

Travel Hammock – Eagles Nest Hammocks Review

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