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Travel Hacks: 5 Tips On How To Save Money On Renting An Apartment In A Foreign City

Going on a trip, many of us want to not only see the maximum sights but also comfortably yet cheaply relax in the apartment after a busy traveling day. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how not to overpay for renting an apartment and what you should pay attention to when traveling.

#1. Use the search and booking sites

Look for accommodation on several sites, and compare reviews. In fact, there are at least two dozen of them, but travelers use several:

  • – the most popular and convenient for finding quality accommodation in Europe;
  • – user-friendly interface, often there is an accommodation that is not present on;
  • – more budget accommodation options, travelers often turn to it when there is no suitable option on or huge prices;
  • – you can find cool apartments here, but keep in mind that the site takes a commission for services.

We advise you to choose apartments instead of hotels. Renting apartments for a day is a more profitable way of living in a foreign city for a while. Especially if you come to the city for a few days. Moreover, you can always choose an apartment closer to the train station, airport, or major attractions to save time on travel. Well, if you are lucky with the owners (and this often happens), they will provide you with all sorts of goodies like fresh fruits, coffee, clothes, gifts, flowers, and so on. Well, if not, you can always buy flowers in the flower shop or order flower delivery to make your stay cozier and racier.

#2. Choose apartments further from the sea

Furthermore, it is not worse. If you decide on a lazy vacation, then don’t rush to take accommodation on the first coastline. The owners of such apartments often inflate the price for a few meters, which can be easily walked.

So, housing on 2-3 coastlines usually costs one and a half to two times cheaper than on the first. Just imagine a sunset, a walk, sand on your feet, and a warm breeze that blows from the sea. Pure thrill!

#3. Use your card to pay

Why cash when you can pay by bank transfer. Firstly, it is convenient: having paid in advance, you don’t have to worry that your apartment will be given to someone else. Secondly, it is profitable: in this way you can avoid trips to exchangers that charge an indecently large commission for simple transactions. It’s better to buy a couple of magnets at home.

Moreover, some services provide discounts and bonuses for holders of certain cards. The Agoda service, for example, gives up to a 12% discount on hotel reservations to Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, and Visa Infinite cardholders.

#4. Write reviews

Not everyone knows this life hack. You don’t have to actually write a review, just mention something like “Are you on TripAdvisor? I would like to leave a review … “. A simple trick, but sometimes it helps to get a room upgrade, free breakfast, and a nice attitude of the staff.

#5. Talk to homeowners

Before you book your accommodation, ask if the hotel/hostel/Airbnb has any special offers or discounts.

At worst, nothing will change. At best, they will offer to lower the price or get an upgrade. Excuses like “the apartment is in another country” are not accepted. Call and write anywhere, even on social media accounts.

Wrap up 

Smart spending takes time. In the case of housing abroad, you need to go through several apps and grab the best offer. It is especially difficult to do this on the road or already upon arrival when the Internet is not available everywhere, and time is always running out.

Therefore, prepare in advance. Wherever you are going to go on vacation, take a good mood with you. And then even if you have to pay more for housing, such a tiny thing will not overshadow your long-awaited vacation.

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