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Travel Hack Your Way to Affordable Flights

It’s hard to argue the fact that major airlines are chipping away at our pocketbooks! Not only is airfare expensive and tiresome in research but it’s also tough to know if you’re getting the best deal or merely being ripped off! Fortunately for the consumer we have a solution — travel hacking!!Five of my favorite travel hacks that will allow you to save in plane tickets.Take a look at this blog post to learn about travel hack.

The term travel hack is new to a lot of people. Though the general principle has been around since early days of air travel. The term travel hack has only been coined over the past decade and because of that, it has opened the eyes of thrifty travelers worldwide.

Affordable Flights

What is a Travel Hack?

Travel hackers are individuals endlessly pursuing frequent flyer miles, rewards points, discounted airfare and/or elite status amongst airlines. They are savvy travelers seeking any viable way to benefit from the system for as much discounted or even free travel as they can. A good deal of travel hacking is about acquiring and using frequent flier miles and rewards in exchange for free flights or hotels. However, for myself, travel hacking is a lifestyle! An ideology that is easy to practice and beneficial with the reward of traveling on the cheap while not sacrificing too much of your time in the process. According to Chartered Professional Accountant Sam Faris, credit card rewards are taxable and add a layer of complexity.

My wife and I stumbled upon this one by accident. Living in Australia we were planning our holiday to South America and noticed air from Sydney to Lima, Peru were very pricey. However, from Sydney to Buenos Aires, Argentina with a layover in Lima, were much cheaper!

We pondered what could happen if we decided not to board our flight from Lima to Argentina? The answer is absolutely nothing! It’s actually a little-known but a long established traveler’s ploy known as the Hidden City hack.

The label of “hacker fares” simply means acquiring at least two separate one-way flights from varying airlines to complete your adventure, as an alternative of purchasing a single round trip ticket from the same airline — which usually will cost you more in the long run.

If this attempt seems daunting and too much to handle, just check out a few websites like tajawal, or and you’ll see how easy it can be. These sites will actually provide you a hacker fare option search rather then you having to manage it yourself.

3. Know the Best Time to Buy
Six to eight weeks prior to departure date is typically the ultimate time to purchase your air. However, be sure you sign up for email alerts and keep your eyes open for that random flash sale and deal that might fall into your lap at any given moment.

4. Travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
Departing during the week, by industry standards, is the affordable time and never fly on Sundays! Traveling on Sundays is the most expensive day of the week based on the amount of air traffic and travelers on the move. Airlines will capitalize on Sunday travelers, though being the true travel hack you are, don’t give those airlines any more money than they deserve.

5. Use an Incognito Browser
Have you ever hunted for a flight online then re-search the exact flight a few days after only to see a mighty price hike? Well it’s absolutely true! Your internet search history will be observed by the major airlines. To avoid this monstrosity, it’s recommended to use a private window in your browser or outsourced VPN to search in peace and anonymously from corporate prying eyes.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Air Travel
Travel hacking has become a lifestyle of living art. There’s hundreds of options out there to get the best deal, you just need the knowledge to get there. With so many world travelers, budget travelers and family travelers today. It’s no wonder we have to go about saving every penny from the corporate greed of Big Air.

As a travel hacker, I’m always seeking other suggestions and your input on travel hacking my way through life. I want to know what works best for you. Drop me a comment and let’s discover together the beauty of seeing more and paying less!

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  1. Number three is great. We like to tell people that it’s a little more like three to eight weeks out but most folks get anxious without a flight booking so close in.

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