Honduras Travel Guide: Top Destinations in Honduras That You Must Visit

Honduras is a Central American country with amazing islands on the Caribbean Sea known as the Bay Islands that are surrounded by the second largest Barrier coral reef in the world. It is also home to some of the most important Mayan ruins because of its hieroglyphs.

travel to honduras and see mayan monuments

Honduras Travel Guide


Copan in Honduras is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Here you will find an archaeological compound of an old Mayan city that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. Archeologists refer to Copan as the Paris of the Maya world.

What to Do in Copan

1. The first thing you have to do when in Copan is to visit the Copan Maya Ruins. Here you will see beautiful pyramids, mystic tunnels, and a museum. This site is one of the most important for the Maya world; its intricate Stelae have helped archaeologists understand Mayans better.

mayan ruins in copan, honduras

2. Another great way to have some fun in Copan is to visit Macaw Mountain, one of the best bird refuge centers in Honduras. Here you can interact with macaws.

kid with a macaw in honduras

3. If on the other hand, you prefer a relaxed walk or a horseback ride, you might want to visit Los Sapos Mayan Ruins. You will find it on the property of Hacienda San Lucas. It’s basically a few boulders that were carved into huge Toads during the Maya era, however, no one knows what they mean.

woman at the top of los sapos in copan, honduras

Where to Stay in Copan

1. Hacienda San Lucas is perfect for those travelers that want to experience what Copan’s countryside has to offer. This is a Traditional Hacienda from over 100 years ago and the best family hotel of Copan.

traditional hacienda hotel in copan, honduras

2. If on the other side you prefer a luxury boutique hotel in the middle of all the action of the town, Yat Balam is for you. It was voted as one of the top hotels in the world by Tripadvisor. The whole hotel has 4 adorable rooms.

boutique hotel entry area copan ruins honduras


white sanded crystal clear blue water caribbean sea roatan beach, honduras

Roatan is a beautiful island of Honduras located 30 miles off of the coast in the Caribbean Sea. Here you get to enjoy the most perfect white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Even though it’s part of Honduras (a Spanish-speaking country), the main language spoken on the Island is English from the days it was a colony of Britain.

What to Do in Roatan

1. For an underwater adventure, you get the chance of exploring the underwater museum on a snorkeling tour.

snorkeling at the reef second largest barrier reef in the world roatan honduras kid activity

2. If you are on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea you can’t miss going on a catamaran cruise.

kid friendly catamaran tour utila honduras

3. For $400 per person you can go down to 1500 feet or more in a passenger submarine. This is a fun and safe way to explore the depths of the sea with kids.

passenger submarine roatan honduras

4. A great way to see the island and go wherever you want is to rent a scooter. You can avoid the expensive taxi fees and explore the town your way. The roads are well paved, and it’s hard to get lost.

family scooter rental roatan honduras

Where to Stay in Roatan

1. For travelers that prefer a more luxurious option, Mansion at Costa Tesoro offers 6 incredible suites. Staying at his boutique hotel will definitely be a highlight of your trip. The service, food, views, and pool are amazing.

mansion view luxury boutique hotel west bay, roatan honduras

2. Another great option on West End is Fosters. They offer cabins one bedroom to three bedrooms, they are perfect for families.

fosters sunset roatan honduras

3. There is also Tranquilseas, an Eco Lodge that offers private cabins with a partial kitchenette and a great pool for kids.

eco lodge sandy bay roatan honduras


This tiny island is also part of Honduras and is also located in the Caribbean Sea. Utila is the smallest of the three major Bay islands. It is known around the world as one of the best places for scuba diving & watching whale sharks. Due to its colorful history, the culture of its people is a blend of British, American and Spanish legacy.

public beach on utila honduras

What to Do in Utila

1. Diving is one of the main reasons why travelers visit Utila. There are places where you and even your kids can learn how to do it. This provides a day of family fun!

dive shop and PADI certifications on utila honduras

2. Beach bumming and exploring the town is a great thing to do for those who prefer something a bit more relaxed. There are plenty of street vendors and small coffee shops or restaurants to hang out in and enjoy.

city hall - utila honduras

Where to stay in Utila

1. While exploring the island I found Jade’s Seahorse. It is a unique artsy hotel where the owner’s canvas is the entire property. It’s truly an amazing place worth checking out.

family friendy unique hotel on utila honduras

2. Laguna Beach Resort is by far the most luxurious hotel in Utila. It is located between a lagoon and the Caribbean Sea.

luxury resort on utila honduras bay islands

3. Then there is Colibri Hill Hotel, an 8 room small, basic hotel with amazing views and a great pool for kids.

hotel on a hill with great view utila honduras

Fun Fact about Honduras: Christopher Columbus’s first words when he set foot on Honduras were: “Thank God we got out of these great depths!” Honduras’ literal meaning is Great Depths.

Travel to Honduras – A Short Guide for Travelers

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