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Havana Travel Guide: Where to Stay and What to See In Havana Cuba

Havana is Cuba’s capital city and was founded by the Spaniards in the 16th century. It boasts an eclectic society, old buildings, classic cars, Caribbean culture, dancing, and music.

This is truly a kid-friendly country and there is practically no crime at all. And since Cubans birth rate is an average of one kid per household, they truly go nuts over kids!

Below is a quick Havana Travel guide for you to get some inspiration.

kid playing music with two mans in havana cuba

Havana Travel Guide

What to See in Havana Cuba?

1. When I travel, I prefer exploring the place I’m visiting on our own, but Havana is SO big, and we wanted to see so many places that I had to book a City Tour.

Cars in havana travel guide

2. Revolution Square – This is a place where many political meetings took place during the revolutionary process. It is also where the presidential building (tower) is located.

Revolution square and presidential building in havana cuba

3. Fuster’s House – This is the house of Cuban Artist. In here you get to take a tour and look at some of the weirdest, most colorful, and interesting artwork.

Fuster's house in havana cuba

4. Revolution Museum – Visiting this museum is a great learning experience. Here you will find a lot of items used during the revolutionary process, including tanks, small planes, and a yacht. Note: This is not really for kids younger than 14 years old.

Revolution museum in havana cuba

5. If you want to get lost while looking at gorgeous buildings, street musicians, tons of parks and Santorini women, exploring Havana Vieja is something that you can’t miss.

Havana Travel Guide - Havana vieja

6. Havana Centro is where you get to experience the real Havana. There aren’t many attractions here. On the other hand, the whole area is an attraction. Its streets, its people, and the ambiance are great.

Center of Havana in Cuba

7. Callejon de Hamel – This is an alley in Havana Centro that you HAVE to visit if you are in the area on a Sunday. You will see lots of weird but beautiful artwork, live music, you get to learn how to dance and play drums, all for free.

Callejon de hamel in Cuba

8. If you still want to see the modern side of Havana, take a look at Vedado. It might be a bit boring for kids, but it is still worth exploring.

9. Coppelia Ice Cream Shop – This is the most famous ice cream shop in Cuba. The place is actually a park in Vedado where you can get the ice cream and let your kids play.

Coppelia ice cream in havana cuba

Where to stay in Havana, Cuba?

In Cuba you basically get two options: State-Run hotels and resorts or Casas Particulares:

1. If you like staying at 5 stars, historic hotels you might want to check out Hotel Nacional de Cuba. At this national monument, you will see the guns that made up the old Santa Clara Battery, they were declared part of the World Heritage Site.

National hotel of cuba

2. Then there are Casa Particulares. These are Cuba’s versions of Bed and Breakfasts. The houses are usually smaller, and you do share it with a Cuban family (not the rooms) and the rooms have private bathrooms.

Casa particular in Havana Cuba

If you have visited these places, I would love to learn about your take on these places I mentioned.

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Havana Travel Guide - Where to Stay and What to See

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