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Hong Kong Travel Guide – the Pearl of Orient

The unique history of Hong Kong makes it one of the most fascinating places on planet earth. It is a bucket list item for millions of people visiting Asia. Still, before heading to the autonomous Chinese territory, it’s vital that you have made the necessary preparations.Everything you need to know about Hong Kong when you travel to China.Check this out to learn Hong Kong travel guide during Asia travel.

There are many factors to consider when preparing for a trip to Hong Kong. Thankfully, the information below should provide plenty of guidance.

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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Getting There

Before traveling to Hong Kong, it’s worth remembering that you’ll almost certainly need legal documentation. Applying for a tourist visa (or work permit should you require one) should be completed well in advance.

Hong Kong International (HKG) airport is particularly busy as it also serves as a gateway to mainland China. In total, it serves over 175 cities and over 68 million passengers per year. The airport itself is located on a separate island, Chek Lap Kok, which is why further travel to the main city is required.

This can be completed via bus or train services. But private Hong Kong airport transfers are a particularly popular option due to the volume of people using public transport. Given that you’ll have luggage and could well be tired, taking this option is advised.

Getting Around

Hong Kong is the fourth most densely populated places on earth. While this certainly brings many benefits for foreign tourists, it can cause a few issues when trying to navigate through the city. The number of cars on the road can be particularly stressful. This is Hong Kong taxi services are usually seen to be the better option for most visitors. It also overcomes issues relating to parking.

Public transport accounts for roughly 90% of all journeys, though, and the infrastructure is among the best in the world. The rail network serves Hong Kong and links to mainland China with great efficiency. Meanwhile, the bus services offer cover hundreds of routes.

As a tourist, however, many of the entertainment facilities are in close proximity to each other. With this in mind, walking can often be the best option for many of those daily activities. Not least if you wish to soak in the culture.

Where To Stay & Eat

Tourism plays a huge part in Hong Kong’s economy, and it accommodates its guests in particularly good fashion. The territory is served by major hotel chains like Ibis as well as smaller private hotels. Meanwhile, apartments and other options are readily available.

The luxury of a comfortable hotel is one thing, but food is another major aspect of any trip. Hong Kong is home to some wonderful cuisine, taking a slight twist on the more traditional Chinese dishes. Fans of American and European foods can still find their favorites too, though.

Hong Kong accommodates people of all backgrounds, tastes, and budgets. Those two items are key for both leisure and business-related trips. Get them right, and it’ll provide the foundations of a very satisfying stay.

Things To See

Hong Kong is a wonderful destination blessed with a myriad of historic and modern attractions. Religious temples and architecture carries a distinct Asian vibe that is sure to blow any visitor’s mind. Meanwhile, the history and heritage museums can teach you a lot about the nation’s unique background.

Natural beauty comes in the form of various islands, including Lamma, Lantau, and Po Lin. Public gardens such as Tamar Park along with the zoos offer a chance to connect with your natural and spiritual sides. For individual explorers or holidaying families, there is more than enough to keep you satisfied.

There are plenty of historical and natural walking routes also. These can be completed autonomously or as part of an official group. Either way, they’ll be sure to wow your eyes and mind in one fell swoop. With so much to do, however, it’s worth investing in a map to plot your itinerary.

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Hong Kong Travel Guide

Things To Do

Aside from sightseeing, there are plenty of alternative ways to spend your time in Hong Kong. The nightlife is particularly enjoyable, especially when you hop on board a nighttime cruise. These can range from party boats to more refined food and evening entertainment.

Hong Kong’s culture makes for great entertainment in the arts too. From street performers to theater shows and music gigs, there’s always something going on. Due to those British links, the territory was introduced to sporting activities like football and rugby many years ago too.

The beautiful sceneries make Hong Kong a great destination for experiences like helicopter or hot air balloon rides. Thrill-seekers can also find various activities in Hong Kong to scratch that particular itch too. Overall, the main hub activity provides something for everyone. Getting bored is simply not on the menu.

Money & Interaction

Demographically, Hong Kong is almost entirely Chinese. However, due to its history of being a British colony until the 1990s, the language is still used frequently. Both written and spoken communication is far easier here than in most Asian territories.

The Hong Kong dollar is the only currency you’ll be able to use in all places, so avoid the idea of using USD, GBP or even Chinese Renminbi. If you cannot access money prior to departing, the airport exchange booths can be used for the immediate needs. Using a city center currency exchange shop will secure a better rate, though.

Traveler cheques are another option while cards are accepted in a lot of places too. However, you must let your bank know prior to traveling or else you could be in for a testing time. On a not too dissimilar note, letting telephone providers know about those travel plans is advised. Otherwise, you may struggle to stay in touch with people back home.

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Final Thoughts
A trip to Hong Kong is always unforgettable. Nonetheless, preparing yourself with the right tips gives you a far better chance of maximizing the enjoyment. Given that there’s so much fun to be had, it’d be very foolish to ignore it. Besides, isn’t the time of your life exactly what you deserve?

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