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Travel Guide from London to Edinburgh

The sights from the train as you travel from London to Edinburgh train are undoubtedly known for their outstanding features. Occasionally, even frequent travelers may look up from their devices to capture the scenery. The train’s stops might vary, but the majority of them will have a halt in Durham, York, & Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

view london clock tower, buildings and trees


The university & cathedral in this renowned city is well-known. Both can be seen imposingly perched on a hill with a view of the River Wear as well as the city below. Be sure to keep an eye out for the castle as well; William the Conqueror had it built in 1069 as just a defense against the Scots. For decades, this served as the home of the Prince Bishops, who nominally controlled County Durham were Kings.

The Welwyn bottleneck, the surrounding countryside, and the suburbs

As the train travels at 125 mph, suburban areas eventually give room to wide-open landscapes, forests, and farms. The Welwyn Viaduct, a kind of bottleneck just on the 4-track main line, forces all trains to cram into only two tracks! Eventually, the plain Cambridgeshire fenlands take the place of the woodlands and farmland.

Hello Scotland

The English-Scottish boundary is marked with only a vibrantly colored wooden board with both the English & Scottish flags adjacent to the track just on the right-hand side, 212 miles north of Berwick. To blink & miss it! The train is currently moving along the gorgeous Scottish shoreline close to the cliffs as the waves crash against the rocks below.

Between Berwick and Edinburgh, Scotland’s coastline

Scotland’s coastline depicts the brief but beautiful coastline stretch immediately north of the Scottish border, despite not being shot from a train.


As the train passes over the King Edward Bridge, the beautiful River Tyne may be seen in stunning sights. As the train winds its approach into Newcastle Central Station, take in the city’s ancient quays, the Tyne Bridge, as well as the spectacular Sage Gateshead arts center. As it leaves the station, the trains will pass the over 1800-year-old Newcastle Castle. It is believed that the Romans constructed the initial fort as a component of Hadrian’s Wall.


The passage of a Royal Border Bridge to reach Berwick-upon-Tweed must be among the highlights of the trip. This majestic bridge, built in 1850 and dedicated by Queen Victoria, features 28 arches and carries the railroad rails over the River Tweed.

The Scots as well as the English have been at war for generations over the fortified border city of Berwick. It was taken by one side or another at least 13 times until settling to become the northernmost town in England. You go three kilometres before blending into Scotland following departing Berwick.


From London to Edinburgh, using the train is the most popular way of transportation. There are several benefits to using the train, including the ability to select your desired grade of travel in addition to the day, time, or route of travel. There’s no best approach to see the stunning English landscape from the luxury of a contemporary fast train. It is easier to move on the train, it’s more sociable, and it is.

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