Travel Guide for the Costa Rica Caribbean Beaches

This is a quick guide to the Bohemian beach area in the southern area, Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It used to be inhabited only by banana plantations workers but now with tourism and the eco-friendly movement, the main income from locals has completely changed.

This is where bare feet, eco-friendliness, good surf breaks, kids, reggae, exotic jewelry, wild horses and ethnic restaurants co-exist. So get ready to experience pure tranquility in Puerto Viejo!

Costa Rica Caribbean Beach

7 Top Things to Do in The Costa Rica Caribbean Beaches

1. Explore miles of black and white sanded beaches

This is of course the main reason to visit the area, and the best part is that the area isn’t too overly developed for tourism, so you still get to enjoy the forest that surrounds the beaches and the animals that live nearby.

2. Horseback ride along the beach

If you are looking for a stunning romantic adventure or a family trip you may want to ask for the different options that are offered in the area for horseback riding tours.

3. Cahuita National Park is surrounded by iguanas and sloths

For those looking for a fun walk along the local rain forest, Cahuita National Park offers several trails that take you to some of the most amazing tropical scenarios, including a beautiful untouched beach.

4. Bird watching

Because locals have worked so far to preserve the forests, many species of birds still thrive in them. Making it a heaven for those looking to practice some bird watching and searching for them in the branches.

5. See one or many of the 35 coral reef species of the area

The southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica also offers many opportunities to go on a boat tour, snorkeling, or diving in the stunning coral reefs that are located off of its coasts. You can reach these from the coasts of the Cahuita National Park.

chocolate tour in Costa Rica Caribbean Beaches

6. Sign up for a chocolate farm tour

This one was by far my family’s favorite activity in the area. It was so fun to be able to learn all about how chocolate is made and to taste the real thing, not whatever is sold to us in stores.

7. Surf in one of its great breaks

Those looking for something more exciting that will satiate their need for adrenaline can visit one of the beaches that offer strong surf breaks like Playa Negra, Salsa Brava, and Playa Bonita.

Did You Know?

You will find a population formed by an eclectic mixture of Afro Caribbean cultures, Europeans, indigenous Costa Ricans, and many other nationalities. Here you can listen and express all sorts of points of view, they will be welcome. It’s all good in this town of Pura Vida!

cahuita beach in the Caribbean of costa rica

Where is it?

See the map

The South Caribbean region of Costa Rica is a long stretch of beaches and towns that goes from Limon to beautiful Manzanillo.


Puerto Viejo doesn’t fall into the category of Wet season / dry season because it rains all year long. However, the least rainy months tend to be February/March and September/October.

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Travel Guide for the Costa Rica Caribbean Beaches

Last Updated on May 27, 2023

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