5 Travel Goals You Must Put In Your Bucket List

Although the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, new variants and fresh waves continue to be around. Evidently, you cannot let your guard down in the new normal because the virus is still here.

But you need not stay cooped indoors if you are a travel buff. Just pick your holiday bucket list wisely, and you are good to go. There are ways to be safe as you follow travel goals. Here is a list of travel goals that deserve a place on your bucket list.

Travel Goals 2022

Travel Goals For This 2023

Plan a road trip

If you haven’t taken a road trip during the pandemic, you should do it this year. Besides being the safest way to travel in the new normal, road trips set you free. You need not worry about booking flights or planning itineraries. Just hit the road when you want to and drive to a place you wish to explore. But make sure you check the status of the virus at the destination before embarking.

Explore local destinations

This goal makes sense in the era of travel restrictions for international trips. You will probably not want to get into the hassle of quarantine and testing by traveling overseas. Exploring local destinations nearby is a great idea, whether you want to drive or fly. 

As long as you are vaccinated, you can plan domestic travel to the destination of your choice without worries.

Try a wellness vacation

As stress is rampant, mixing wellness with travel is a great idea. So you must surely have a wellness vacation on your bucket list in 2022. Check the best spas and wellness resorts around.

You can even try a 420-friendly trip to experience the de-stressing benefits of cannabis. Just check a local pipe shop and make sure you are discreet with your gear as you pack. You can try KING’s Pipe as it has a broad collection of portable gear. Choose a legal state and cannabis-friendly accommodation, and you are all set.

Don’t miss an outdoor sojourn

An outdoor trip is another goal worth trying, and there couldn’t be a better time for it than now. Outdoor trips are therapeutic as they give fresh air and mental relaxation. Not to mention, they are far safer than crowded beaches and jam-packed hotels.

Pack your camping gear or rent a recreational vehicle, and have a vacation in the middle of nowhere. Alternatively, you can book a place at an adventure camp.

Taste solo travel

Nothing matches the thrill and joy of solo travel, so make sure it is in your travel goals this New Year. It lets you enjoy the pleasure of your own company and do what you like. This travel trend got bigger during the pandemic as it is practical from the virus-safety perspective. Plan wisely and pick a solo travel-friendly destination according to your preference and budget. 

Travel buffs need to think beyond crowded resorts and exotic destinations this year. Follow this bucket list, and have the best experiences in 2022. 

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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