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Travel Gear – Must Have Tech For Travelers

Attention all non millennials out there. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we truly live in a world of technology— and yes, some of it may seem redundant and overwhelming! However, there is a time and place for everything and tech devices for travelers can be just as useful as any life enhancing application. Are you ready to take the plunge on your next journey abroad?Four pieces of gear that might make your trips a lot easier.Take a look at this travel tips to learn about travel gear.

How many times are you stranded in an airport seeking a power outlet to charge? Then when you find one, you’re fighting fellow travelers trying to get a chance to charge up as well. Same goes with a good WiFi connection!

travel gear

I’m a 42 year old male that’s slowly made the transition to the wonderful world of technology no matter how hard I fought it. I’ve come to grips with the fact that there are some super tech devices on the market that are simply marvelous, so much, that I find myself saying, “How did I ever live without this?”. And after my last adventure to Southeast Asia I discovered something new about myself within the tech genre — travel tech!

Let’s review some of the best Travel Gear and devices for 2017

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase
A suitcase that literally does everything!

While it may be your goal to get lost and experience something new and unusual overseas, the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase will not. With its built-in GPS enabling you to track it from anywhere in the world, rest assure that your luggage will never go missing indefinitely again.

Features include:
• The Bluesmart mobile app,
• Built-in power bank for charging your mobile phone
• Built-in scale to allow you to remain under weight to avoid those massive excess baggage fees.
• A digital lock for protection against thieving eyes
• Laptop storage space

Not to mention it makes a perfect suitcase with trouble free access to all your possessions.

Solar Chargers, Car Chargers & Power Banks
We all know we won’t be leaving home without our trusted smartphone. Keeping it charged up on extended journeys seems to always be the one challenge, though, and to solve this issue all you need is a reliable power bank.

The constant issue with power banks is that in due course they will run empty. This problem has been addressed in 2017 by Solstice Power Solutions. By now offering a new and improved power bank that can be fully charged from solar power and/or traditional power outlets. However, don’t expect to get a lot of sunlight in areas with towering condos such as Toronto or New York City.

Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones
No vacation is ever close to complete without my jukebox of music. Ambient music for the hotel room, chillaxing on the beach or just getting ready for the day. My routine of daily life is constantly surrounded by music, music and more music. Traveling, on the plane or at my destination, only enhances my music experience and I couldn’t imagine my holidays without my favorite tunes at my side. Though music on the plane can make you a target for being that annoying passenger. With consideration for others, a boosting pair of Bluetooth headphones would be greatly appreciated by your fellow travelers.

Mobile Wi-Fi
Data roaming will be expensive, I can almost guarantee that. The last thing you ever want to pay for is your internet on your phones, tablet and your children’s devices too. Even paying for expensive hotel Wi-Fi charges seems ridiculous.

Devices such a Optus Dongle or a MiFi device that lets you share a mobile Wifi network from a single SIM with options to link up 10 additional devices while paying once.

I’m loving the TP-Link M7350, with its built-in LCD display that allowing you to view battery life, signal strength, data used, devices connected and more. It also includes a handy microSD slot, that allows you share up to 32GB of storage space across connected devices. However, the local McDonalds or Starbucks is always an option.

Making Travel and Technology Together Forever
Well I’m here to say, times are getting better for travelers. Technology has a vital role in making our transit a smoother, easier and more fun experience from departure to arrival. I’m not a techie by any means, however, I do love the perks of having such technology at my disposal. I’m always on the move and looking for new ways to travel. I want to know what technology you’re using on the road. Share your thoughts and ideas with everyone and let’s make our traveling experience even better.

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