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Travel Gear Review – Trunkster Zipperless Luggage

I’m always searching for products that can make my trips a lot easier and enjoyable, this time I found a curious product on Kickstarter called the Trunkster. It is a piece of lightweight, durable and scratch resistant luggage with a singular design and cool features that I think are useful for all travelers.Travel Gear Review – Find all of the information about the Trunkster Zipperless Luggage and a travelers opinion on how it works. Its features are:

Travel Gear Review Trunkster

Travel Gear Review – Features of the Trunkster

1. A waterproof sliding door instead of the regular zipper.
2. A battery that can provide enough energy so you can charge your phone up to nine times as long as you have a USB adapter. The cool thing is that you can decide whether you want to carry the power bank with you at all times or not, since it is removable.
3. A built in digital scale that can be switched from pounds to kilograms and vice versa.
4. A strong side to side handle that allows better control and stability.
5. A GPS tracker that relies on the same technology utilized by Apple’s “Find My Mac.”

They come in two sizes, one good for a carry-on and a bigger one for checked luggage. Plus they are so confident about their product that they offer a five year warranty.

I think it is an interesting product. It would be interesting to see how it performs. Check out Trunkster Zipperless Luggage and let me know what you think about it.

One thought on “Travel Gear Review – Trunkster Zipperless Luggage”

  1. I like the battery. Anytime you can recharge away from an electric outlet is a good thing. No one likes to reach for their phone only to find out that it doesn’t work.

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