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Travel Gear – Five Things No Woman Should Forget When She Goes On Vacation

Vacation is just around the corner and you want to make sure that you have everything you need when you hit the road or hop on the plane. Sure, you can purchase things you’re missing once you reach your destination, but that’s less money you’ll have for cocktails and souvenirs.Five of the travel accessories that every woman should travel with.In this blog post you will find information about travel gear.

The key is to make sure you bring everything you need in the first place. Start by writing a list of what you need, then make sure you check it twice. Here are some of the things you need to put on your list (although not comprehensive).

travel gear

5 Pieces of Travel Gear Every Woman Should Have

The Right Bags/Purses
One purse or bag isn’t going to be enough, but you also don’t want to overdo it, especially if you’re flying and have a weight limit of luggage. You need a nice bag to carry shopping or to the beach, that can carry your needs or your purchased wares. You also need a smaller purse, like a clutch, that you can carry with you on a night on the town.

Fashion And Styling Accessories
Don’t forget all your beauty needs when you go on vacation. You might be going to relax, but you are also going to have fun, which may mean a night or two out on the town.

If you are going overseas, you are going to need to make sure that your styling products can be plugged in where you’re going or you’ll just be lugging around extra weight that is useless. Take your makeup, take your wigs, take whatever you need to make you feel confident!

Don’t forget your sunblock. The last thing you want to bring home with your from vacation is a severe burn or skin cancer. This takes up a small amount of space too.

Something Extra In The Wardrobe Bag
You never know when the weather might change, even if you’re visiting a tropical island. It may be warm the whole time, but it may rain too. Take extras to keep yourself comfortable no matter what kind of weather hits.

While you won’t need to bring a winter coat, you may want a hoodie and a pair of jeans tossed in with your bathing suit and shorts. You might need these for a late night bonfire when it gets a little more chill outside. Take a rain slicker and some rain boots, tropical islands get monsoons.

The Ability To Relax!
The most important thing to take on your vacation is your ability to relax. Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, so leave work at home. Stay off social media, and take a book to read or some music to listen to for the times when stress does creep in.

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