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Travel Gear – 7 Devices for the World Traveler

Many people think that in order to travel the world you need to sacrifice all of the comforts of home living. With modern technology, nothing is further from the truth. There are many devices designed with the traveler in mind, helping you enjoy the luxuries of home while on the road or optimize your travel experience.Take a look at this article to learn about seven travel gear that can make your travels along the world even better.

Travel Gear

Travel Gear – 7 Devices for the World Traveler

Digital Cameras
While smartphones are an option for capturing memories of your trip, it’s often better to bring a digital camera along too. An inexpensive digital camera is less of a target for thieves, and even if you lose it, you’ll have your phone as a backup. The great thing about digital cameras is that they can capture a massive amount of moments in picture and video without worrying about whether the battery will die.

Digital Wallets
When you go on an extended trip, protecting your credit card abroad should be a top priority. While not all countries will have a variety of shops that accept digital wallets, it’s an option that you want to take advantage of if you can. Instead of having to bring all your credit and debit cards, you can securely store them for use in your phone. This means you only have to protect one item rather than several cards that are easy to lose. Just be careful not to lose your smartphone, which could leave you vulnerable to all types of fraud. Do all that you can to protect your identity while traveling because, unfortunately, identity thieves don’t take a vacation.

Lugging around a desktop computer is next to impossible on most trips. While you can bring a laptop, it isn’t always practical to pull one out during your adventures; they still take up quite a bit of room. The solution to this problem is a tablet.

Tablets offer increased functionality over your smartphone and let you easily browse maps, read books, or play games at the airport. One of the most useful functions for a tablet is a translator app. If you’re visiting a country that speaks a foreign language, it’s nice to be able to translate messages as you need, ranging from giving directions for taxi drivers to having conversations with locals.

A Universal Plug
While the rest of these modern devices are great to have on your trip, what do you do when the battery dies? Of course, you charge it, but many countries have outlets that your charging accessories won’t fit into. Don’t travel a great distance with your tablet, phone, camera, and other electronics only to forget a universal plug. One of these plugs will fit into just about any socket and allow you to charge your devices.

Solar Backpack
If you plan to go on hikes or off-road excavations on your travels, a solar backpack will come in handy. When you desperately need a bit of power in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be thankful you have it. These backpacks have small solar panels on the outside to absorb sunlight and produce small amounts of energy. While it won’t be enough to power a laptop for an extended period of time, it’ll give you a steady supply if you need to make an emergency call or look at a map.

A Strong Padlock
When you’re traveling, you’ll often find that you need to leave something locked up. This can come up in airports, restaurants, or back at your hotel when you need to leave a bag in your room. The solution is a strong padlock that’ll prevent people from opening or taking your things. Some padlocks even have an indicator that tells you if they’ve been opened, which would tell you if airport workers tried to get in your bag.

A Travel Mount
Bring a travel mount if you have a long plane ride. This will allow you to use your tablet more comfortably, but it also provides a perfect stationary position when you’re reading an e-book. Instead of having to bend your neck down, you can comfortably look ahead.

While traveling is about the experiences you have, there’s no reason that you can’t experience things in comfort with the use of these modern devices.

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    however..the pad lock on your suitcase left in your room–may not help–the thief just takes the suitcase.

    keep up the informative articles…i enjoy reading them.


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