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Making Packing Fun and Easy for Kids – Travel Game for Kids

My older son is at that age when he genuinely wants to do his own packing for our travels, but ALWAYS gets sidetracked when he’s doing it.

Instead of fighting his lack of packing skills (which I did plenty of times) I decided to find a solution – quickly!

When I found the TrayKit by Content and Calm, I had a feeling this will help everyone out – especially me.

How to Make Packing a Travel Game for Kids

The TrayKit in itself isn’t a game. But it’s set up as one and can accommodate all creative minds.

1. The TrayKit is actually a backpack which can also be used to strap on a train or plane tray, or hang from the back of a car seat.

Travel Game for Kids

2. It opens up with plenty of pockets and has it’s own tray like compartment.

travel game for kids

3. Why I call it a travel game – aforementioned my son gets distracted easily. So when he started to pack for our trip he remembered about his newly built lego set and found the perfect home for it.

traveling game

4. Packing again – after a good thirty minutes of lego play time on the TrayKit, he remembered what he initially set out to do and started to toy around with the different pockets and things the back pack actually comes with.

traveling game

5. Brotherly love – I’m a sucker for anything that bonds my little men together. Not sure how this was an object of connection for them, but I’ll take all the love we can get and am grateful for this item for this precious moment.

travel game for kids

Features of the TrayKit

1. It comes in many different designs for both boys and girls

2. It’s a backpack, straps on to trays while in motion, and also can hang perfectly from the back of a car seat.

3. It’s got plenty of room for toys, notebooks, pencils and other things your kids love for traveling.

4. Wipes clean easily and quickly

Where to Buy It

I found the TrayKit while doing a search on line from their website Content and Calm. There were so many different cool travel friendly essentials for kids that I almost  bought everything. So beware and have a focus when you search online.

They were efficient and easy to work with. Even though their main location is the UK, they have US distribution centers that get the product out to you immediately.

Travel Game for Kids – Making Packing Fun


3 thoughts on “Making Packing Fun and Easy for Kids – Travel Game for Kids

  1. That is amazing. My mom used to hand-make packs like that when were kids, because we always took long road trips as a family. I loved it! The only thing that would get me up so early in the morning to hit the road was top open my surprise toy packs! I just took a trip with my friend’s two- and four-year-olds. We needed something like this!

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