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The Top 6 Travel Friendly Dog Breeds

When it comes to a guide about travel-friendly dogs, you are looking for a combination of portability and activity levels. Sometimes you have to choose one option to be on the safe side. If you are taking a hike on your wheels, size doesn’t really matter. However, if you are taking long-distance travel, size does matter. Therefore, you need to seek pets advice in order to have the best for your dog and for your travel plan as well. What remains consistent is the quest to get a dog that will keep up.  You don’t want a couch potato on your trip. Such dogs can slow you down and ultimately ruin the fun. Here are the top breeds that are travel-friendly. 6 Travel-Friendly Dog Breeds and what makes them such a good fit for travelers and adventurers.Discover which are Travel Friendly Dog Breeds.

When looking for a dog breed, you should browse widely. The professionals of provide a list of 100’s of breeds. You can find similar listings that will help you find the perfect companion. You can choose small dogs that are easily portable or active big dogs. Here are the popular traveler’s dogs. Regardless of the breed you end up choosing, your furry friend’s health well being should be your priority. While you’re doing your research to determine which is the best breed for you, you can also take a look at dog health insurance plans to ensure your new companion will be taken care of in case of an emergency or illness during your travels. 

Travel Friendly Dog Breeds

Travel-Friendly Dog Breeds

The Terrier Family

They include the Yorkshire, Toy fox, Russel, and Norwich terrier. They are generally small and fluffy. People love them because, despite their small bodies, they have boundless amounts of energy. They also come in different shapes and sizes. Some are smooth, and others are fluffy. The bull, Parson Russell, and rat terriers are smooth. They will keep up with you wherever you go. Even if you are into hiking and off-road activities, they will do just fine. If you are into hunting, the Airedale terrier is large and fast enough to keep up with you. 


Collies have that unmistakable appeal as pop-stars. They are generally black or brown, with big white sections. While the males can reach a height of 26 inches, the females are much smaller. The breed can weigh up to 75 pounds when fully mature. So, if you want to travel sometime with this partner, you will need a large travel crate. They are quite active, preferring the company of herders and hunters. You will need to walk him often, and once in a while, let him romp in the park at full speeds to keep him or her happy.


Everything about this breed says it is born for the jungle. From an athletic body, long legs, to smooth skin, the dog is adapted for those unlimited travelers who want some company. People love them for their distinctive black and white spotted coat. They also have a long history of guarding and accompanying chariots, equestrians, and fighters in the jungle. Because of its characteristic slender build, it is fast. It can grow up to 70 pounds. So, you have to make arrangements with the airline every time you want to travel.

Travel Friendly Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

Their reputation always precedes some people. The Labrador series has an outstanding reputation. First, it is very active. If you are not careful, they will even try to jump out of the car or anything else. It is advisable to keep the dog healthy by ensuring that it retains its athletic body. If you are a fun traveler, the lab will really love it. They crave for jungle life where they can run, jump, track, hunt, chase after animals, and play with other animals. Because they are a relatively big dog, you may want to prepare traveling gear for him or her.  Another excellent choice for you to try is the chocolate Labradors, and you can find the best breeders at Lucky Labs. They are one of the few reliable teams of professionals out there that guarantee high standards and protection for you and your traveling dog.


They are found in almost any part of the world because they are quite adaptive to any weather and climatic conditions. They are also quite loyal and obedient. If trained well, they can even play with small children and other pets. They don’t have too much seasoning. If you are really a globetrotter, this is the breed for you. You will not have to worry about special consideration that will help the dog cope with various weather conditions. The only drawback is that they can be couch potatoes if you let them gain too much weight. 


Beagles are just right for almost any category, from family to herding. One thing that makes them special is their train-ability, obedience, and calmness. Even with such gentle features, it is one of the most playful dogs on the planet. It prefers to get into the game, exercise, discover, hunt, play, or do anything else that will make it active. 

A good dog for an ardent traveler will not necessarily be small. It is all about what features you love to have out there. If you want easy to carry, you can go for toy dogs. If you want playful ones that will give a run, then you will love bigger, sledder dogs. Whichever option you take, it is always important to care for your dog.

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