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Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Another Incredibly Bio Diverse and Beautiful Central American Country – Nicaragua

This time I have for you another great option for a wonderful vacation in Central America. This is a country that you will find north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras with coasts on both, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. This is a country that offers beautiful beaches, Active Volcanoes, scenic lakes and colorful towns. It name is Nicaragua and you will fall in love with it!


This country has so much to offer some very popular activities are:

There are so many interesting facts you can learn for you next vacation in Nicaragua.

…..*Surfing the Pacific coasts
…..*Hiking the volcanoes and forests
…..*Visiting the many lakes and lagoons
…..*Wildlife watching
…..*Lake kayaking
…..*Cruising among the tiny islands
…..*Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean
…..*Coffee tours
…..*Horseback riding
…..*And even mountain biking


As you can see the natural and cultural beauty of this country are the perfect combination for an exciting vacation. Plus this is where you will find the Nicaragua or Cocibolca Lake. This is the largest lake on Central America. The official language of Nicaragua is Spanish but in the Caribbean coast English, Misquito and other native languages are spoken.


Lee más información para tus próximas vacaciones en Nicaragua.

Popular touristic regions of this wonderful country are:

…..*The colonial city and the islets of Granada
…..*Ruins of Leon
…..*San Juan del Sur
…..*San Juan River
…..*Mombacho Volcano
…..*Corn Islands
…..*Lake Cocibolca


This is also a place where Eco-tourism has become quite popular in it you will find 78 protected areas that cover 20% of its territory. It is also home to 7% of the total wildlife of the world. Most of it can be found in Bosawas, the largest rain forest of Central America and the second larges in the continent after the Amazon.

nicaragua-lake- travel

The Nicaraguan wildlife includes over 700 species of birds, felines such as jaguars, ocelots, jaguarondis and margays. In it you may even find some sea turtles if you get there in the right time of the year.

Now that you know a bit more about what Nicaragua is all about wouldn’t you like to visit it?

Photos By:

      Concepcion Volcano –


      ; Corn Islands –

Mat Honan

      ; Granada –

Adalberto H. Vega

      ; Leon –


      ; Nicaragua Lake –

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